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Hot gossip from the glamorous world of Bollywood stars.

The Bollywood stories I could never tell

Former senior Bollywood writer — in her book ‘Museum of Memories’ — has revealed a scandalous gossip that never. Can you guess who is the superstar actress she’s talking about?

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Such a fall from grace!

The buzzy Cannes film festival has opened with some of the nastiest reviews ever read, for ‘Grace of Monaco’. The executive producer of the film is none other than our Uday Chopra. And the voice-over for the film’s trailer sounds very much like Amitabh Bachchan’s

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The deepest cut!

Vidya Balan may have put the episode behind her and will perhaps never talk about it. But the rejection on a personal level almost threatened to kill the person inside her. This for the first time one saw her trying to fit into a mould that was not her. A time when she stopped smiling!

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