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Here is the video where Arijit Singh is ‘insulting’ Salman Khan

The whole world seems to be talking about how Arijt Singh has profusely apologized to Salman Khan in a lengthy Facebook post. In the post, he is pleading with Salman Khan to retain a song (sung by him) in Salman’s forthcoming film, Sultan.

Arijit Singh has since deleted the Facebook post, so here is a screenshot.

Within an hour of posting the above apology, Arijit Singh deleted it and posted a smaller note (below) and hoped that the deleted status message would reach Salman Khan ‘somehow’. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 6.11.48 pmLots have happened since. Salman’s team has reacted to it saying that it’s a non-issue

Reports surfaced that Salman Khan had refused to meet Arijit Singh but never insisted on deleting the song from Sultan.

Arijit Singh spoke to a TV channel and said  that he was told that his song is being removed from the final master as Salman didn’t want it. He said he panicked and decided to put up the public apology because all his efforts to reach Salman fell on deaf ears. 

One media outlet reported that the song might be retained in the final cut

However, do you want to see what Arijit Singh actually said to ‘insult’ Salman Khan?

When Arijit Singh went on to the stage in his slippers, T-shirt and casual army fatigue trousers (to receive the award of best singer for Aashiqui 2), Salman Khan asked him, whether he had fallen asleep.

Arijit Singh answered back (with a smile) saying, “Aap Logon Ne Sula Diya” (You guys made me fall asleep).

Yes, that’s all. Nothing more happened, nothing less.

Post that ‘insult’ in 2014, Arijit has incidentally not sung in a Salman Khan film ever.

Here’s the video of what exactly happened that night. I didn’t find anything insulting in the video.

The alleged incident starts at 1:23 mins.

Let me know you find anything like that. In fact, Salman Khan mocking him caught my eye more than that off-the-cuff remark of Arijit.

But surely, what I found insulting was a hugely talented singer (who’s India’s number one Bollywood singer at the moment) posting a public apology like that.




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  1. He is a big bully. He comes across as a bully on Big Boss (under the garb of ‘standing up for someone’), on show hostings, as a guest on tv. I can’t believe I liked him.


  2. you said it, such a bully! I mean who in their right mind would get offended by something like that??!! This is what happens when you become too big for yourself to handle!


  3. It’s a sad state of affairs when a 50 year old man acts like a childish 5 year old school bully …and gets away with it.


  4. not even a 5 year old but a toddler. I have a niece who doesn’t get offended by small matters. I think Salman must just mature up…😁sooooooo childish


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