Juhi Chawla: My favourite food

Juhi Chawla spoke to us about the food she would like to be on her plate.

Favourite street food: At one time, Chana-singh and bhel puri.

What’s your comfort food: Some nice hot soup with a piece of toast.

Favorite dessert: Lots of them! You are torturing me by asking me to name just one! I love Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun, Dal Ka Halwa, Sevaiya and Caramel Custard!

Food mantra: The one and only Food Mantra I follow is to eat everything but in moderation. No starving and no diets, just eat everything in good balance.

Favourite food memory: That would be at the Trisara hotel in Phuket in the year 2004. We were there around Christmas – New Year, living in villas where we had our own chef from the hotel who would cook all the meals for us. Oh I would just look forward to meal times, as the food I remember was so delicious! Tangy, lemony and just so tasty! I remember having gotten quite fat post that holiday!

Favorite restaurants abroad: La Cuelle de la Roca in Spain and French Laundry in Napa Valley.

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