Favourite dishes of Bollywood heroines

They are restricted when it comes to their diet but once in a while they do give into the demands of their taste buds.
Here are the the dishes that the Bollywood heroines die for and indulge in occasionally. 

Bipasha Basu : Bipasha likes having posto with aloo and rice. It is a specialty Bengali preparation that is made with poppy seeds and potatoes in a thick gravy of it. On her birthday, you will always see that dish served to her.

Rani Mukerji : Jalebi. This is one dish that Rani avoids because this dish is her weakest point. Rani Mukerji once said that she prefers not to look at jalebis because she cannot resist them.

Kajol : Pantua. This is a specialist Bengali sweet which is dark in colour. It has a hard coating and a soft inside made of chhena. This sweet is only available in Bengal and speciality Bengali restaurants. 

Alia Bhatt : Thin Crust Pizza‎ with extra cheese and jalapeños. Of course you have realized that Alia runs away from it but once in a while you will see her digging into it.


Priyanka Chopra : Chicken Hotdogs. ‎Probably you haven’t missed those Instagram updates of hers.


Deepika ‎Padukone : White Butter Rawa Dosa: She loves her Dosa with gunpowder which is a speciality Bangalore masala. However, these days most of her dosas are made without butter. 

Kareena Kapoor : Kali Daal: We know it’s quite different from the food that we have mentioned before but Kareena Kapoor digs on her maa ke haath ka Daal.    

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