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Why the Sara Ali Khan and Kartick Aryan love story is a publicity stunt

It now seems that Sara Ali Khan is cleverer than what we has initially thought of her.

She used the platform of Koffee with Karan to build up a narrative of her and Kartik Aryan because she had just said yes to a film with him.

The expression that she wanted to go on a date with him caught everybody with surprise including host Karan Johar who thought that she is genuinely interested in him and wants to have him as her boyfriend.

But as days passed by, we realised that Sara has done it out of purpose just to build up a curiosity about the pair of her and Kartick.

There have been scores of articles written about them now and the press is trying to pair them up even as they are shooting together for their first film.

Here’s a still from their upcoming film.

There are several such “leaked” photos and videos from the film sets doing the rounds. And all of them have gone viral.

We are now pretty sure that Sara used the statement of dating Kartick just to start a promotional drive becomes increasingly clear with the clever leaking of footage which is trying to establish a relationship between them, not to mention the third lady angle with the mention of Ananya Pandey.

Ananya too needs some buzz in the media as she is making her debut soon with the film Student Of The Year2.

A new video of the two, who are currently shooting their first film together, shows their chemistry.

The video was shared on fan pages online, and shows Sara embarrassing Kartik by screaming out his name and laughing hysterically at his reaction.

Egged on, Sara yells out Kartik’s name in public, only to have the actor laugh nervously and try to cover her mouth.

Here is the video.

Now we have understood that they have a good friendship going and the narrative about them having an affair might just not be true.

Here is another video of Kartick and Sara where clearly see how the media is being manipulated to build up a love story when there are none.

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