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The guards of honour

By Madhu Raj

bodyguardFor B-town studs, their staff are more than friends to them – they are also keeper of their secrets.

They know who the heroes are meeting, when and where, who to oblige politely, who to snub on the phone.

So, in a nutshell, they literally know the dark secrets and white lies behind the larger-than-life images of our Bollywood heroes.

Shah Rukh Khan takes his daughter Suhana for cycling through the streets of Bandra. His bodyguards follow him on foot. Picture for editorial representation only.

A unique trend of hiring personal bodyguards took off in the 1990s, when underworld figures tried to get a hold on the industry, and actors, producers and directors regularly received threats for protection money.

However, these days, Bollywood’s unarmed bodyguards now largely work at mob control, with the additional perk of accompanying their stars wherever they go, which include foreign jaunts.

Want to know how some stars treat or get treated by their bodyguards?

Then sample these:

* The Being Human icon has the most wanted bodyguard, who can even take a bullet on his chest for him. Salman Khan famously says about his bodyguard, “If he ever decides to write a biography on me, I’m finished. He is the man whom I fear the most because he knows everything about me.”

* There is this A-lister fitness conscious dude in his forties, whose driver and make-up man have been with him since he entered the industry and he genuinely trusts them with all his secrets. He is also launching the son of his late manager in his upcoming action movie. Now, that is really some relationship management and we should learn from him.

* Our very own homegrown Greek God adores his manager to the core. On the other hand, our very own Bhai, who’s controversy’s favourite child, was shocked to see his private photos with his Romanian sweetheart grab news headlines when he was on a private trip. Clearly an insider job, but he got over with it as he must have weighed the numerous occasions his staff have been with him through thick and thin vis-a-vis this minor glitch..

* A recent eligible bachelor, who bounced back at the box-office, went through a phase of no-work. It was his entourage who helped him cope with his forced free time without going into depression. Yes, even your favorite male stars go through their share of “down” phases.

Bodyguard cartoon taken from here
Shah Rukh picture taken from here
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