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When it comes to casting lead actresses, Bollywood heroes have the final word

In an earlier blog, I spoke about how most Bollywood heroines, barring a few, are regarded as just eye candy.

Heroines usually go through a tough time in Bollywood to bag film projects. For a top Bollywood heroine, getting roped in for a big budget film project, requires a hell lot of wheeling and dealing. It includes sucking up to the hero of the film as well.

This story was narrated by a leading actress about a year ago. I wouldn’t say that she is at the top of the A-list but she’s definitely a go-to actress for ‘left-over’ films.  She told me this story after I had finished taking her interview and switched the dictaphone off.

So, here is the story of how the actress clinched a big-budget Bollywood film. Unfortunately, the film is yet to get a release as the production house is going through a cash-flow crisis.

How I got my Bollywood big budget break

 A well-known Bollywood heroine narrates how she got her big-budget Bollywood project

“It was Saturday afternoon and I received a BBM ping from a friend.  She said that an ‘experienced director’ has  spoken about a big film project he is planning with a foreign studio.

This friend, who had once worked with me as an assistant, constantly keeps pinging me about upcoming projects where (she thinks) I have a fat chance.  In return, she expects that I rope her in as my assistant or make her an assistant to the director.

I opened the link on my phone and it turned out to be an interview to a website. In the interview, the director admits that he hasn’t been able to hire a heroine for his ‘big’ project yet and the project is getting delayed. The reporter then enquired about a specific heroine and the director revealed that heroine was not a part of the project ‘anymore’.

My friend had set a Google Alert for the heroine as a lot of projects rejected by that heroine, ultimately landed on my lap.

It was time for me to get into action.

I immediately texted the hero (of the film) saying that I wanted to talk to him. The message didn’t get delivered (which is very normal in Bollywood).

A day later (when the message finally got delivered), the hero replied, “Is it about (film’s name) baby?”

I sent a smiley in return.

We planned to meet up three days later in Hyderabad (where the hero was shooting). I was wary about the press and told him that I needed a very good reason to duck my shoot (in Mumbai) and fly off to Hyderabad. To this, the hero assured that he will take care of everything.

A day later, I got a mail from a reputed jewellery company in Hyderabad inviting me to open a store there. For this, they offered to pay a crore which was a decent amount. I cancelled my shooting for four days saying I was unwell. It was not difficult because I was shooting only with supporting actors and I just needed three days off.

When it comes to choosing heroines for their films, this is how some heroes choose their leading ladies

A representative picture of a Bollywood hero with his leading lady

A hero’s welcome

The event was in the afternoon and my hero told me that he will meet me in the evening. He also added in jest that I should be well prepared to welcome him and put an animated winking smiley at the end of the message.

The event was exhausting and I was in no mood to get up and get ready to go out with him for dinner. I texted him but as usual there was no response. I informed the hotel’s reception that I am feeling sick and that nobody should be allowed disturb me and went off to sleep.

At around 11 pm, I heard a knock on the door and in walked the hero with bunch of flowers in his hand!

I was on my bed and the television was switched on.

He gave me the a tight hug and kissed me on the cheek. He said he wanted to watch TV with me. He took his blazer off, put it on the hat hook and sat beside me and took charge of the remote. For the next half hour, we watched the TV soap ( a foreign crime thriller).

I constantly reminded myself that I am meeting him to get a film project and under no circumstances, should I drift off to any other ‘thing’ (the actress used the middle finger gesture here).

(To this, I asked why she was being apprehensive as he was known to be not too fond of women. She replied, “Everything is not about sex. Sometimes sex is just power-play and his body language was yelling that he was not in the mood to have sex with me.”)

We kept laughing loudly as he cracked outrageous jokes. He had me in splits as he had a good sense of humour. During the conversation he kept petting me, patting me, pulling my hair and even lied down with his face down on my lap. I was in my shorts.

At that point, I mildly broached the topic and asked him if he wants to work with me.

His body language was stiff and he looked straight into my eye.

Sense of humour, Bollywood ishtyle

Its not always about sex or the casting couch but it is always about a good ego massage

 It’s not always about sex or the casting couch but it is always about a good ego massage

The hero then told me, ‘You need to kiss me in the film. Not once but thrice. And it better be good, okay?’

He was not smiling. He was serious. He had put his feet up on the bed and put both his hands at the back of his head, on the head-rest. He had a pillow on his lap.

I then did something outrageous.

I got up and sat on his lap (on the pillow), with one leg on each side. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

The hero did not kiss me back. All along I tried to suck his lips in and make it look like a great kiss. He just lay there, motionless, with his eyes closed.

The hero never responded to my sexual overture but his eyes said it all — His ego has been massaged well.

He giggled and playfully chided me for ‘outrageous behavior’. To which I replied that I have always been a dirty girl.

He simply said, “We will see that!”.

He kissed me on my cheeks and left.

…And mission accomplished! 

This, still sums up most of the Bollywood movies even now

 These tees, sum up most of the Bollywood movies even now

Fifteen days later I came across an interview in a leading daily where Mr Hero declared that I am doing the film with him.

I texted him and informed that nobody from the film’s production team had got in touch.

He texted back saying, ” (The producer) will.”

I then read in a tabloid that the director, the hero and the producer are having massive fights as to who will be the heroine of the film. Everybody had their own candidate.

The day this article came out, the hero texted me said that he has told the producer that he won’t do the film unless I am made a part of it. He said that no A-list hero will do the  film because the everybody knew that the film was offered to him first. Basically without him, the film had no future.

One month later, I was signed up as the heroine of the film.

The producer’s candidate got a special item song which would be the primary promotional tool. The director’s candidate was chucked off the list with a promise that she will be accommodated in an upcoming project.


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  1. Ok so it sounds like *******, she attended a jewellery store opening in Hyderabad and around the same time ******* was shooting for *******. The big budget project – *******. Foreign studio – *******. But then ******* IS an A-List actor. And she does not bag all the left over films. *******, *******, ******* etc. So quite tricky. Also ******* does not have a second actress’ item song, nothing we know off. So *******- ******* ruled out. Another ******* film is *******. But…More hints please. Or if it’s ******* and ***** you went wrong with the hints. Or maybe you just don’t want people to guess right.


  2. Hmm.sad. Is there any value for a heroine talent? Even a Vidya had to go through the same? Why any self respecting woman go through this? Is money and fame so addictive?


  3. Somehow, I keep feeling its ******…..a lot of ******** projects went to *******. But somehow doesn’t add up…don’t think ******* have an unreleased movie!!!


  4. It’s ****, **** and movie is *****. It’s unfortunate that **** daughter has to go through this then what kind of stuff will be going for outsiders behind the scenes. Movie industry is one shady place, I think ***** doesn’t need this, she is doing well in south but still these people are obsessed with Bollywood.


      • No problem..I’m new to your blog..Your blog is really informative about BW..Keep up the great work 🙂


      • Hi Soumyadipta, I usually like your blog and your non-sensationalist approach to issues and people. I know this is a gossip item, but two things about it raise some questions for me: 1) you say this story was narrated to you after the dictaphone was switched off, which implies that it was off the record. But you’ve written about it anyway. 2) Even though the public may not be able to easily identify the people involved, surely those in the know will solve the blind! Will this hinder the actresses future prospects?


      • Dear Yo,

        I generally don’t reply to comments but will do so in this case. This is an interesting question.

        I don’t know if you are a journalist or not but here are my views:

        1. The story was narrated to me off-the-record which means that the actress wanted to share the story with me but didn’t want to be identified. The actress was duly informed that it will be put out as a “blind item”. She just requested that she should not be identified in any way,

        2. Most have not been able to identify the actress. Out of the 28 comments I received here, only one could point out the actress. Rest were wrong.

        3. Bollywood doesn’t bother about these gossip items. There is nothing in the article that can break her career. Trust me, those in the know won’t be even surprised after reading it. I mean to say, those in the know already know about this incident.

        4. The incident is too old now to hold any ground. I didn’t publish when I got to know about it. The passage of time has further made this article ‘safe’.

        5. Lastly, we need to put out the real face of Bollywood and how things work here. This is for the aspirants who land up with twinkles in their eyes. These articles help them understand the true face of Bollywood. The face behind the beautiful mask.



    • Star daughter-*****?
      Doing well in south, Welcome Back- Co star known to be not too fond of women- *******?


  5. I appreciate your response, Soumyadipta – it tells me that you behaved ethically with the actress, as I had expected from reading your blog over time. But it’s still good to get confirmation “from the horse’s mouth”, so to speak. No, I’m not a journalist, and yes, I do agree with your point 5. Keep up the good work!


  6. Awesome post! Do keep posting such stories. It doesn’t matter if the identity is revealed or not. To get to know the real stories is much more fun.


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