My daughter Rani

 By Shama Bhagat

Rani Mukerji with her mother Krishna Mukherjee

Rani Mukerji with her mother Krishna Mukherjee (year: 1990)

There’s no one in the world who understands you better than your mother. As Rani Mukerji settles into matrimony, her mother Krishna Mukerjee revealed that she always knew that her daughter was different from the rest of the Mukherjee girls.

Mrs Mukherjee revealed that Rani never dithered from taking a stand even when she was in school. She told us that as a child, Rani would cry profusely if she wasn’t prepared enough for her school exams.

“Rani was always a disciplined girl even when she was a child. She would cry if she was not prepared for her exams. When I would say ‘Don’t give your test if you are not prepared’, Rani would turn around and ask ‘What kind of a mother are you, telling me not to take my exams?’ She would then go to school and excel in the tests,” said her mother, insisting that her daughter always got good grades in school.

Rani during celebrating 10th birthday celebrations at her home near Juhu. You can also see her cousin Sharbani Mukherjee in the picture.

Rani Mukerji after celebrating her 10th birthday at her home near Juhu. You can also see her cousin, actor Sharbani Mukherjee in this picture.

Rani never enjoyed being in a room full of people and loud music. Her mother says that she was quiet, shy and loved to choose her own corner in parties.

Rani, when she was five years old.

Rani, when she was seven years old. Taken during a family celebration.

“She loved to do everything within a stipulated time when she was a child. Even now she sets a deadline for everything and strives to meet it. She was always a simple, shy and quiet girl and yes, she was a bookworm too. I had to literally drag her everywhere (at parties).  I remember one such family party where Kajol had literally taken over the dance floor and as soon as she spotted Rani, she wanted her  to join her (on the dance floor). But Rani never stepped on the dance floor till she finished her food. She always wanted to eat at the right time and had a deadline for finishing her dinner. I was watching all this from a distance. The discipline that she exhibited was amazing for a child, but Rani clearly was different from the rest of the lot.”

During the course of the conversation that incidentally happened before she sprung the pleasant surprise on all of us, Krishna Mukherjee revealed that Rani had no intention of becoming an actress. Her friends and family coaxed her into taking up acting because they were convinced that she would make a good actress.

Rani when she was five years old

Rani when she was five years old. This is the photo of her school ID card.

“She wanted to pursue fashion designing. She loves shopping for shoes, bags and clothes. She wanted to style people. When she got her first film offer (Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat), I coaxed her to accept the film which she eventually did with much reluctance.  But after that one film, film offers kept coming and she started to take it seriously. Once she was serious about it, I knew that Rani would be successful. She values her father’s advice a lot and if he asks her to do  something, Rani will always take it with utmost seriousness. She is a lot like her father too. She is a very different person than me. She has loads of patience whereas I am very restless.”

Her mother said that Rani is now the “backbone of the family”, but she never basks in that glory.

Also in the end, came the most surprising revelation — Rani hates the tag “most beautiful girl in the Mukherjee family”.

“Her uncle Joy Mukherjee once told his wife Neelam that Rani is one of the most beautiful daughters in our family as she has dove coloured eyes. To this Rani told her uncle, ‘Please don’t make such comments as it might create rifts within the family’.”

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