Such a fall from grace!


Story of a Princess: Grace Kelly; Nicole Kidman

The breaking news from the world’s top film festival – Cannes – is a downer for India – or at least for Uday Chopra.

No, no, he didn’t screen Dhoom 3 there, but the festival’s opening attraction happened to be Grace of Monaco, a biopic of the late actress who excelled particularly in films directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The perfect beauty was unforgettable in Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder, Rear Window and To Catch a Thief.

Once she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, she refused to return to the movies, although Hitchcock attempted to woo her back by offering her a role in Marnie.

The Monaco family, recently, had stated that the biopic was inaccurate and should not have been made at all.

The title role of Princess Grace is played by Nicole Kidman, the statuesque actress who won an Oscar for The Hours.

So much for the backdrop.

Uday Chopra Cannes

Uday Chopra posted this selfie on Twitter when he landed at the Cannes Film Festival

How is Uday Chopra connected with the film exactly, which has been roasted by critics? Check out IMDB and he is listed as one of its producer/executive producer. Thus, we can deduce that this was a bid by Yash Chopra’s younger son, to foray into the international movie-making scene.

From the advance buzz the film is a major disappointment (check this report and this review).

According to our source Yash Raj Films whose Aditya Chopra is the chairman of the strongest film production banner in Bollywood today, aims to widen its horizons by making its presence felt in global cinema. That is natural.

Still facts are facts and we have to report the film Grace of Monaco has been received with extremely bad press at Cannes. When it is released theatrically, who knows? It could prove to be a winner. That possibility cannot be ruled out. Yet we do wish it had been greeted with bouquets instead of brickbats by critics.

Incidentally, there seems to be another Bollywood connect. We heard out the voice-over used in the trailer of Grace of Monaco, and suspect that it is the voice of Amitabh Bachchan. That is a first actually, the magical voice being used in an international cinema’s trailer!

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