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To Be or Not to be. To Cannes, Always…

Arfi Lamba, who hit the big league with ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, talks about his personal demons and how a trip to Cannes redeemed him.

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Such a fall from grace!

The buzzy Cannes film festival has opened with some of the nastiest reviews ever read, for ‘Grace of Monaco’. The executive producer of the film is none other than our Uday Chopra. And the voice-over for the film’s trailer sounds very much like Amitabh Bachchan’s

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An interview with MALLIKA SHERAWAT that never happened!

It’s an interview I’d never forget. Why? Because I went to interview Mallika Sherawat and not a single word came of it in print. It’s never happened to me before. All because I have to re-check the facts before sending my article to print. No wonder, we, entertainment journalists have now learned to be on our guard when we interview celebrtities.

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