Mallika Sherawat and the art of denials

Mallika in a forthcoming film

 Mallika’s look in a forthcoming film

Over the years, I have seen scores of Bollywood stars make use of their official twitter handles to deny a rumour or ‘news’.

Usually, they scream out that the article is wrong and sometimes, identify the media platform (by naming it).

One example could be this tweet from Aamir Khan.

But have you ever seen any star tweet the link of the article? 

In my career, these are very rare occurrences. I don’t remember anybody doing that because tweeting a link usually drives traffic to the page which jacks up numbers for them. It’s akin to giving the news article more publicity.

I doubt how many people in India read the website called which focusses on scandals and gossip from Hollywood. Even among the Hollywood crowd, the website is not rated as among one of the top.

It is therefore natural that most of us, had missed this piece of news where Mallika Sherawat was blamed as one of the reasons behind the infamous split between Hollywood star couple Melanie Griffith and Antonio Benderas. The glamorous stars had announced their separation after 18 years of marriage earlier this month.

But Mallika Sherawat tweet yesterday ensured that the article was thrown back with full force at her followers. The tweet that she sent out yesterday (on June 26, 2014) also had the link of the article mentioned.

Here is her tweet.

The article quotes Ivan Bitton, “Mallika’s BFF” saying that Mallika and Antonio engaged in a lot of PDA at a private party after which the she joined him on a vacation on a luxury yatch.

Immediately thereafter, she issued a statement (to the Hollywood website called E!Online) saying that she had sacked Ivan Bitton as her stylist post her Cannes appearance in 2012. She also claimed it was Bitton who leaked a video of the two of them dancing together in a private party post her Cannes appearance in 2012.

Here is the video she is talking about.

“Antonio Banderas is a wonderful man, a great dancer and an acquaintance of mine. I did not go on any vacation with him, and I’m sorry he’s going through a divorce. Ivan Bitton is not my best friend. I hired him as a stylist at Cannes and then fired him. I’m sure he released the video. I don’t know what he’s even talking about now. I haven’t been in touch with Ivan since I fired him. Whatever he’s saying about me is ridiculous,” Mallika Sherawat further said in her statement.

Bitton on the other hand has claimed that he hasn’t leaked the video and whatever he has said about Mallika Sherawat and Antonio, is correct.

Her tweeting the link of the article and then issuing a statement to a Hollywood website, had the desired aftereffect — Mallika Sherawat’s name was picked up by entertainment sections of leading Hollywood publications and most of them are now pleading that ‘an Indian actress’ is not responsible for the impending divorce between two ‘big’ Hollywood stars.

You can check Google News on the topic, Mallika had made it to all the top Hollywood news websites in the world. Several Indian websites have also picked up the topic.

Mallika is now trending across platforms.

I am so happy for Mallika Sherawat. 

If I ever write the book for wannabe PRs titled The Art of Denying News then Mallika Sherawat is my Bible.

Disclaimer: All images of this post have been released through a PR agency for publicity and have been procured from public forums and social networking sites. Please inform us if any of the images used here are copyrighted, we will pull those images down. 

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