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Cheque bouncing case: Preity Zinta’s version

preity zinta

Preity Zinta has slammed the media for not investigating a criminal complaint filed by filmmaker Abbas Tyrewala.

Tyrewala approached the court, after a cheque issued to him by Preity, bounced. The cheque had apparently been issued to Tyrewala for writing the dialogues of Zinta’s last film, Ishq In Paris.

Preity, who is vacationing abroad, tweeted that none of the media outlets have carried her version of the story.

Here is what she said on Twitter.

Preity Zinta’s lawyer, Ratneshwar Jha, has told to news agency PTI that there is indeed an arrest warrant pending against Zinta and that he might approach the High Court with a writ petition against the case.

But Zinta says that her side of the story has not been carried in anywhere.

So, what is her version?

Preity Zinta has spoken about the case. According to her, the cheque that Abbas Tyrewala presented to the bank, was never supposed to be presented in the first place. One of my industry colleagues forwarded the statement to me.

This is what Preity Zinta says in her defence:

  • Abbas Tyrewala was issued a cheque by Zinta, but he was not supposed to encash it because he didn’t work for the film.
  • Abbas went ahead and presented the cheque to the bank without informing Zinta. So, a stop payment advice was issued by Zinta.
  • There are no pending payments for the film and everybody has been duly paid.
  • Preity gave him a cheque in advance as a goodwill gesture even before he started work. Preity claims that Abbas never really worked for the film.
  • Preity says that she is going to sue Abbas for damaging her reputation.

A still from the film, Ishq in Paris, that bombed at the box officeHe has lied and deposited a cheque that was supposed to be used only if he did work for us, which he did not do. Neither did he sign any paperwork nor did he do any work, but took a cheque that was not meant to be taken. So, we did a stop payment and now he claims that it has bounced. Every single person that has worked for us has been paid but I cannot pay someone for work he has not done. He abused my goodwill and took a cheque which was supposed to be used only if he did work for us. I did not register a case of a stolen cheque as I did not want to embarrass him, but now the matter is in court and it’s all there for anyone to see. If he has proof of any paper work he has done, he is most welcome to claim a payment: Preity Zinta

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