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drug addict girl

Let’s start with a shocking gossip doing the rounds these days: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Mumbai has apparently stumbled upon clinching evidence against a reputed actor wife’s drug abuse.

I have found out through my Bollywood sources that the gossip is true.

We are not talking about ganja or weed here, which is said to be Bollywood’s favourite pastime. Besides, I am told that the NCB doesn’t generally waste its time on tracking ganja.

This actor-wife is addicted to cocaine and occasionally trips on marijuana too.

After keeping her on their radar for two years, sources say, that sleuths might finally close in on her.

However, she might not be arrested immediately because a lot of similar initiatives by the NCB have reportedly been scuttled in the past. We will have to wait and see if the police is finally able to nail this woman.

For all my readers who are quick off-the-block with their comments, I won’t let you pin-point towards her till she is caught by the cops. The police is apparently gathering more evidence and if the sleuths are able to nail her, I will publish all the comments who have predicted her name successfully.

Till then, those comments will remain with me. Sorry for that. So, don’t despair if some of your comments are not published immediately.

Here are some bits and pieces that I was able to gather about the investigation which is underway for a long time now.

She had recently procured 10 grams of cocaine

drug addict girl again

My sources say that the actor-wife is already known as a ‘junkie’ among her close friends and they have tried numerous times to get her off dope with little success.

If the accounts of her close friends are anything to go by, then her drug abuse has increased many folds in the last couple of months. Disturbed over her personal life, she has started giving in more and more to substance abuse.

Known for snorting cocaine in measured quantities, this actor’s wife had recently ordered a fairly large consignment from her peddler. The consignment was of 10 grams of cocaine.

According to our law, possessing less than two grams of a contraband substance is not considered a big crime; you can actually get away by paying a fine.

Hence, if you posses more than two grams of cocaine in your purse, as the law sees it, will imply that you were getting the drug to sell it.

If the drugs that are found on you is more than two grams, then it will surely attract a jail term. There is no way you can escape jail even if you hire the best lawyer to defend you in court.

I am told that the cops have already gathered evidence against her and if they wish, can bring her in for interrogation any day.

The problem is: For some reason, the police hasn’t really acted and have been apparently sitting on the investigations for quite some time.

The peddler who was kept under the radar for so many months, hasn’t been arrested either.

Sources say that the police feels that they haven’t gathered enough evidence against the star wife and are still on the hunt for more proof. They all know that coming out with the allegations will be like throwing in a slice of bacon in front of the starving Indian media who haven’t been fed with a celebrity scandal for months.

I am told that the cops are waiting to catch her while buying cocaine though I am informed they have already let go of one such opportunity.

How the police stumbled on her identity

drug abuse

I don’t think I need to write an elaborate article about Bollywood and drug abuse. It probably dates back to the 80s when drug use had become rampant.

Many Bollywood stars have been implicated so far, a lot of them in Dubai too. Articles after articles have been written about Bollywood’s drug abuse.

But this time, the case is different – this woman is well-respected in certain page three circles and this is making the police tread very cautiously.

The prominent actor-cum-husband, who is unaware of the developments, is too busy to understand what might descend upon his family soon.

Sources say that the star wife has a strange habit, she doesn’t consume drugs alone. She takes drugs at her closed-door pyjama parties along with her girl pals. Apparently, this habit of her’s is the biggest advantage that the police has.

“She has this habit of sponsoring coke for everybody. If you party with her then you don’t need to pay for your snort. She procures it and distributes it. There are two designers in her circle as well. I know that she doesn’t charge money and everything is given away free of cost. Actually that is what makes her parties so attractive,” said an assistant to a stylist, who happened to be “outside” the room when one of these parties was underway.

Let’s consider that her pals consume half a gram each and since she has at least five close junkie pals (at any party thrown by her) then the amount of drugs needed each time has to be above 2 grams. This is the calculation that the police hopes will land her in trouble. Sources say that the next consignment that is scheduled to be delivered to her will be of at least 12 grams.

If the police really pulls up their socks and acts, then she is definitely going to jail.

The biggest problem in front of the police is to get there unannounced since they will have to get past layers of security. There are very few means to get to her without going past her elaborate security cordon when such parties are on. Besides, these parties are always held on private properties making accessibility all the more difficult for the detectives.

Don’t worry, the cops have several ways to get to the culprit if they really want to nab her.

The hardest part of their job is to get a go-ahead for such operations. I believe that the go-ahead for the operation is still pending. Otherwise I don’t understand why the cops haven’t acted on their sources’ information for such a long time.

Perhaps somebody from their department will come across this blog and it will inspire them to renew their efforts.

All over again.


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  1. Soumyadipta…. for the past few months i have been following your blogs and really thought u r doing a grt job… but this blog of yours has actually disappointed me… why would write so much in detail information about the whole thing because then you are actually creating awareness among the people involved an they will be super careful with the whole thing which might turn out to be disadvantage for the police… you are actually making it easy for the junkies rather that helping the police/society by writing this blog wih exclusive details of the plans of the police… this is not expected from you….this is not responsible at all.The genral public may not know who you are talking about but the group of junkies and everyone around them will understand them and warn them … so its a bad idea to publish all this in advance!
    think bout it!


    • Hey Priyam,
      At first I thought I won’t reply to your message. But then I thought I should let you know the truth.
      I have not revealed any exclusive information here about the actor-wife’s coke addiction. Everybody knows about it for at least two years. At least, I knew about her addiction for more than two years now. This habit of her’s is nothing new. She has been in trouble with certain authorities before for her addiction too. But sadly no action has been taken so far. This information that I have blogged about is old information and trust me, everybody who works in Bollywood knows about her. The details that I have provided is nothing new or exclusive.


      • I reckon you didn’t get Priyam’s point. By saying that the cops are on her tail, you might alert her. Priyam doesn’t care about getting the wife’s name through the muck, he/she cares about the star and her pals becoming aware, and hence more secretive with their operations.


    • You say actor – wife . Not star wife. Is that just a style of writing or is it not one of the so called A list ?
      And actor wife – does that imply an actor ‘s wife or a married actress married to an actor ? If it is old news then When could the arrest take place ? Maybe it won’t do at all if the husband is powerful enough


      • You are right. If the husband is powerful enough, the authorities won’t react easily. It has happened in the past. I have said actor-wife just to maintain some ambiguity. It’s a style of writing to protect the subject.


  2. She’s still on it? She’s been on it for years now, I’ll be very surprised if the husband doesn’t know (or maybe you meant the husband doesn’t know about her escalating use of it).

    If it is who I think it is, let’s be honest, we all know nobody’s going to touch her. She could buy out the entire Mumbai Police, with recent developments in their financial standing. Oh well.


  3. When someone is addicted to drugs, they must be sent for drug rehab rather than sending them to jail. A very counter-productive approach towards the whole war on drugs.


    • If it is who I think it is she should work or do social work instead of destroying time and money on this garbage . Idle minds and hands create trouble


    • You’re right man. I think as a society we need to stop making monsters out of people who are already so miserable that they have to resort to drugs. They need help and we must give them another chance to come clean and become contributing members of society.


  4. Soumyadipta .. so is this your way of appeasing these celebs? obviously this post is to somehow send warning msgs to the celeb wife…and after assured..mumbai police are not catching anyone..


  5. Though unrelated to this post though, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this in a future blog if possible
    I remember when Sunny Leone made her entry in Bollywood, a lot of people in the Bollywood media/industry (commentary, opinions that were broadcast on tv) had such a condescending attitude about her, due to her line of work. There were numerous smug, demeaning and dismissive comments aimed at her, her past, her viability in the industry, etc. These comments come from the same industry that is indiscriminately forcing sex scenes and “item songs” with scantily clad women (leaving very little to imagination) gyrating to senseless music with obscene lyrics into movies. Both her and the industry “babes” are in the business of selling their body using the lure of sex. That coupled with the fact that, this is an industry where casting couch is very much a reality, and where monogamy and loyalties are ever-elusive concepts, how does the industry find the audacity to exhibit such self-righteousness where she (or past line of work) is clearly no worse than them.


  6. LOL! Talk about derailing an ongoing police investigation! Poor form Bollywood Journalist. Expected better than this celebrity tip-off blind! Anyway, whoever it is, hope they get caught despite the forewarning!


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