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I am a journalist who strayed into Bollywood and couldn't find his way out. I want to tell you the stories of my journey, the people around and the road as I try to navigate out of this merciless and mysterious land

The abusive relationship between Aditya Panscholi and Kangana Ranaut

Till date, Kangana – Aditya’s affair and messy break-up remains as one of the most violent scandals Bollywood has ever seen.

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An example of a bad example

Suraj was scared. Very, very scared. He was scared that what had happened to his father would happen to him. There was a kind of inherent fear that always haunted him about turning into media’s favourite bad boy.

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The deepest cut!

Vidya Balan may have put the episode behind her and will perhaps never talk about it. But the rejection on a personal level almost threatened to kill the person inside her. This for the first time one saw her trying to fit into a mould that was not her. A time when she stopped smiling!

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Vidya Balan had a big fail

There was a time when some of the best names (from the Tamil and Malayalam cinema) said that Vidya was the worst find in Indian cinema, and would sink without the slightest trace. There were numerous occasions when she’d end up crying inconsolably and consider giving up her career. But something in her urged her to continue. The actress, gifted with the most expressive eyes in the film industry, stopped looking into the mirror.

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