Bollywood Nostalgia

Zeenat Aman and the romance of falling in love. Again and again.

Exclusive photographs from the archives of NK Sareen

Everyone told me that she is moody, but for some reason I always found my interactions with her very interesting, even though most of it was over trivial matters. Like this one for example.

Zeenat Amaan 1Zeenat Aman was a sex symbol in the heydays of my grandfather. But when I first spoke to her, I realised that I was speaking to a mind younger than mine. She was one of the most liberated I had ever interacted with, and enjoyed it if somebody addressed her as ‘Baby’. 
She had told me that she didn’t mind that and even her sons sometimes tease her by calling her Zeenie Baby. The remark may have been made in jest, but though Zeenat Aman had lost the gorgeous body that she once had, she had retained her ever-gorgeous mind.
Around this time last year, Zeenat Aman suddenly hit headlines when she said in an interview that she was going to get married again. 
We knew that Zeenat was always in the search of love and had broken off with her much younger partner called Zaheer. But her announcement of marriage generated some amount of media frenzy. 
Immediately after the interview, Zeenat clammed up and refused to interact with any correspondent even as the media grew hungry to know the details of her relationship with a man who was more than 30 years her junior.
That was the time when I was  told to call her up as a lot of colleagues knew that she preferred to speak with me. Yes, she opened up again. 
wrote a newspaper article  which still remains one of the closest to my heart. The interaction that I had with her that day changed my perception about life and what we normally refer to as ‘old age’.
Men came into Zeenat Aman’s life only to scar her. 
Whatever relationship that she got into, turned violent. Zeenat couldn’t see from one eye because a man she loved so passionately had hit her there.
Another actor she was having a relationship with, bashed her up in full public view as horrified guests at a five star hotel watched on. Another dragged her through such a messy divorce that it scared the living daylights out of her about falling in love again.
But fall in love again she did and she was ready for marriage yet again.Dharmendra and Zeenat Aman
It was of course not going to happen with Zeenat whose whose love stories always had a similar ending – the men ditched her when she needed them. This young man — who she wanted to marry — was no exception. 
As it turned out,  Zeenat’s object of affection was a much-married man who had no intention of marrying her.
Another heartbreak for Zeenat? Not quite. 
This feisty lady had seen so many downs in her life that this was just a minor scratch that didn’t even need first aid.
She was back on her feet the next day, falling in love all over again. With life.
I have never seen anybody who’s such an incorrigible romantic as her. 
She’s the youngest actor I have interacted with. Zeenat Aman has the heart of a teenager.
Before we go, here is a collage of some exclusive photographs of Zeenat Aman, clicked by NK Sareen

All photographs are by NK Sareen and copyrighted to him. 
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  1. I read about the Sanjay Khan incident, and it sickened me. It happened over forty years ago, and it literally shook me, and angered me. I read about her new romantic interest last year, but he turned out to be married as well? Some people just can’t seem to catch a break, huh?

    Well, she was one of the hottest in her time. Sad to see her live a life sans love for so long, especially when she could have almost any man back in the day.


  2. She looks as gorgeous as she looked then so I did not understand the statement that she has lost her gorgeous body that she had before.


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