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Why we might lose Mamta Kulkarni all over again

Mamta Kulkarni latest1 (472x640)

One of the last pictures that Mamta Kulkarni posted on her blog. Her blog no longer exists.

The bad news first — Mamta Mukund Kulkarni has done the vanishing act again.

The former Bollywood sex siren Bollywood is busy deleting her footprints online that she had so meticulously created to interact with her ‘fans’.

They no longer exist.

Mamta, who hid herself from the media spotlight for 14 years, seems set to go into hibernation all over again.

Before we go into why she is erasing her online footprints, a short recap about how we found her and what happened thereafter.

Yes, we found her first!

After being invisible in Mumbai for 14 years, which she, in her own words, described as ‘lost’, this blogger traced her first and was able to put up her latest images.

I then went ahead and established contact with her. She finally relented and gave an interview to me after 14 years! The second part of the interview was so explosive that we had to edit out large portions of it because of the potentially damaging content. I still have the original copy of the interview which many prominent journalists have requested me to share with them. I have refrained from doing so that till date.

She also shared a lot of details about Vicky Goswami, her beau, who was jailed in Dubai for possessing and manufacturing drugs. She told me categorically in the interview that she is in a relationship with Goswami, though she didn’t clarify on whether she was married to him or not.

The series of posts created a huge sensation and prominent newspapers followed up on the article. Several TV channels ran the story too.

She then declared on her blog that she won’t ever give an interview again.

mamta collage1

Mamta Kulkarni: Now, in her Yogini avatar (left) and then as a Bollywood pin-up girl (right)

I was then contacted by ‘somebody’ from Johannesburg who wanted me to share the details of Vicky Goswami that I had got through Mamta. I anticipated that the person who contacted me had close links with the South African police.

After a point, I was pretty sure that the Johannesburg police were hot on the trails of Vicky Goswami because of a sensational crime that remains unsolved to this day. I was also sent a photograph of Vicky Goswami (right) that is there in the police files of Johannesburg

I was told that the only link to Vicky was Mamta and fortunately for the police, she had herself chosen to come online and make herself visible to her ‘fans’. I also had enough reasons to believe that a South African investigative journalist was very close to tracing the actual location of Vicky Goswami.

 However, Mamta stopped interacting with me from her personal email account,  but I continued keeping a tab on her on her. I  followed her online through her blog, her Twitter handle and her Facebook page.

 …And then she dissapeared again

vicky goswami permission (174x205)

The photo of Vicky Goswami that I received from my source in South Africa. Mamta Kulkarni denied that the person in the photograph is Vicky Goswami.

 Last time I checked, there were reports that the producers of Bigg Boss had approached Mamta to take part in Bigg Boss Season 7 and subsequent reports confirmed that she had refused the offer saying that her life was “too explosive” for the reality show.

 Another report also speculated that the Interpol was looking for her to interrogate her regarding her relationship with the former drug baron and his current whereabouts.

 If I am right about the developments that were happening on Mamta’s side, then her beau Vicky was increasingly becoming uneasy with the spotlight on Mamta since both of them are still living together.

 Mamta’s Twitter handle and some of the people that she was following on Twitter clearly gave out her location and using that data, sleuths had already zeroed in on her location (which was Nairobi in Kenya).

 It was an easy job because at one point of time she was following only two people and both of them were entrepreneurs (one of them had an event management business) based out of Kenya. Mamta too used to be into the event management business when she was in Dubai.

 The Bigg Boss7 invitation seemed to be the last nail in the coffin and Mamta decided to vanish from the social networking sites all over again.

She has now deleted both her blogs and her twitter account.

Though the Facebook page is active, she seems to have considerably reduced her activity there. A few settings on her page have also been changed to ensure that nobody can trace her location from her profile page. Her other settings pertaining to her location (like photo tags, privacy settings) have been thoroughly reworked.

 Mamta had earlier written an e-book on her Guru and the link is still active but her author-profile page which contained her details, is now a blank slate.

 So, just as some people were getting closer to where she is, Mamta has undertaken another vanvaas

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  1. I’m just glad that she’s fine. And yeah, your journalism, that brought her out of her den for an actual interview, was brilliant.


  2. surprised that goverment cant trace her IP with help from facebook or twitter authorities 🙂 I am a South African and don’t really have faith in our police system, too much bribery and corruption exists!


  3. I do not know, how you think it helps Shahrukh. How does it take buzz away from Jai Ho, if Shahrukh gets injured? Salman said what he said, because the news was covered in national TV, as headlines. He must have been pissed that everyone asked him that. It was asked at the Dubai premiere, when he answered calmly that he was glad Shahrukh was fine. And the next time, he got irritated and joked that it isn’t a major issue.

    As a fan who follows everything, I understand that Shahrukh has work in pipeline. Zee Cine Awards, he is supposed to perform. He has a version of Temptations reloaded coming up in Malaysia. 2 to 3 weeks, means he will miss out both. I dunno when IIFA is planned, but he is performing there (as per twitter id of IIFA). Would he do such a drama has to cancel programs preplanned?

    Moreover, his doctors were named in another news article. Dr. Desai and Dr. Ashok someone … First one saw bruised shoulder bone on MRI and second said significant trauma at knee…



    Sources close to the actor say that Shah Rukh insisted on being inspected by Dr Sanjeev Desai, who had operated on the actor’s right shoulder last year. Dr Desai, however, says that the actor just needs to rest for a few days.

    “His shoulder bone has been bruised but there has been no damage to the portion I had operated upon. I have his MRI in front of me and I don’t think he will need a surgery. But yes, he will have to take it easy for a few days,” said Dr Desai.
    – See more at:

    Bruised bone can be painful:


  5. Well, do your research. I am in US. Yesterday, I cudn’t get sleep and I checked twitter to find early reviews of Jai Ho… ended up searching iamsrk on twitter…. found the darmesh thakkar id tweet of iamsrk injured, rushed to nanavati freshly coming in … and then a few minutes later.. some twitter ids reacted with WTF, is it true, etc .. one of which is a female journalist or media personality .. he replied to that person that an eye witness confirmed shahrukh bleeding and taken to hospital… A few minutes later TimesNow flashed it as breaking now. Soon CNN-IBN got it. And then, timesnow had live feed of journalist standing outside and basically saying .. “nothing is known as of now” …

    And then SRK’s PR manager released official statement which people like Taran adarsh and bollywood sites RT’ed .. I think Mandhi Sharma released the official statement as to calm down the confusion on media circles. That time MRI/CT scan results weren’t discussed….


  6. I remember, during a promotional event with SRK and KJo, two questions were asked at the same time, ‘whether the shivsena threat about Wake up Sid, was publicity stunt and other an opinion about 3I’s bizzare publicity stunt with ‘disappearing Aamir’ … Shahrukh clearly answered the first one with “We do not do chichorapan” and the second … (he even clearly pointed at the person asking the second question) and said what Aamir does, he must his reasons and perhaps it suits the film or something like that …

    But then news articles claimed … “Shahrukh calls Aamir chichora” … and TV channel even went to ask Aamir this questions quoting as if it was said about him… Aamir was visibly upset and later said .. “I dunno why he said said that. But, I agree that he surely does chichorapan” with his usual grin. And the media screamed.. “Aamir takes yet another dig at Shahrukh” …

    I guess Shahrukh and Aamir must have spoken about it on phone. Because, when Shahrukh later went to 3I premiere, he aggressively singled out the journalist based on his TV channel and scolded him not to misquote people. The journalist later tried to create a defamation case on Shahrukh. It fizzled out later…

    He had even accepted, the arrest incident with cineblitz journalist which you had created an article for. Shahrukh had always been openly shown his angry side, and everybody can see youtube videos of him insulting journalist. This theory about his tweets being too philosophical unlike his real self, is wrong.

    Morever, about fibbing during JTJH promotions, I have seen Shahrukh tell the same joke about Katrina getting angry over his guitar playing ability with Amitabh Bachchan during Mohabbatein… (it was a violin then) Unlike, you its obvious to most that the whole thing was a frivolous joke, and Shahrukh wasn’t trying to lie .. its a joke .. very obvious that neither Bachchan nor Katrina tried to beat him up … Shahrukh was actually trying to make Katrina participate or loosen up…

    About your blind article that suggested Shahrukh bullied your colleague to delete the old photo (zor ka jhatka celebrity episode) taken at an odd angle( as if he is biting Priyanka Chopra’s ear ) republished during a time when rumors where going around about the two, with a suggestive naughty caption … I think Shahrukh was justified.

    You mentioned that Shahrukh had said, PC’s mom was upset about it. I felt relieved that the whole affair story wasn’t a publicity stunt planted by his PR with permission from PCs for two reasons
    1. Don 2 promotions 2. To suppress speculation over his sexual orientation by keeping scandals with hot selling female costar alive… What you said was proof that journalist were the ones spreading it. And Shahrukh wasn’t happy about it.

    This ‘affair story a PR stunt’ idea was told to me by a journalist who pretended to be an insider. In the middle he was tempted to support the affair story.. And then, I realized that he was just a fly on the wall and that he had no clue whether the affair story was real or not and he just preferred being cynical over everything as an attitude.

    If PR’s are horrible, I think journalist are much worse. Often, trying to pass hearsay as blind items and yellow journalism as investigative articles. So don’t put on a “holier than thou’ attitude… Even common people can be perceptible and see through things …

    Hope you get to read this rant …


  7. want mamta back…the most beautiful girl in bollywood ever.she is hot sexy gorgeous and just fab…….love her abd miss her….


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