Mamta Kulkarni on her underworld links

Mamta Kulkarni as she looks now. This is the most 'glamorous' among all the recent pictures that I saw.

My last blog post had Mamta Kulkarni speaking out for the first time in 14 years. But that is nothing compared what I am going to post today. In fact, this part of the interview contained such sensitive information that I had to edit out large chunks.

Mamta Kulkarni has written to me that she is not going to speak to any reporter again after this interview and clarify things. It seems that she wants to speak directly to her fans from now on.

In this part of the interview, Mamta Kulkarni admits to being in a relationship with alleged drug-lord Vicky Goswami and playing a key role towards facilitating his release from a Dubai prison. She says in as many words that she still loves him dearly.

Vicky Goswami, allegedly, used to be one of the biggest drug manufacturers in the world. He was arrested and jailed in Dubai on charges of drug trafficking. He was also charged for establishing and running two factories that produced Mandrax or Methaqualone (a highly addictive sedative), more than 11.5 tonnes of which were seized from him according to press reports.

After serving a commuted jail term, Vicky was released from prison. Here is one such report in a leading South African newspaper about Vicky Goswami after his release from the Dubai prison. This Mail and Gurdian report should give you a fair idea about his position in the underworld.

Here is another report from a South African news agency (Ama Bhungane, Feb 08 2013) that talks about how Vicky Goswami was jailed and under what circumstances he was freed. The South African media, for obvious reasons, didn’t recognise the ‘mystery woman’ who Vicky married while he was in prison.

Other similar reports also confirm that there was only one woman who used to visit Vicky Goswami in prison. Mamta Kulkarni admits in this interview that she is the mystery woman being spoken about in these reports who used to visit Vicky when he was in jail. She reveals that its been more than six months that Vicky has been set free by the Dubai Police.

Kulkarni admits that she still loves Vicky and went through a ‘penance’ to get him released from prison. According to Mamta, Vicky is innocent and was a victim of a conspiracy which aimed at usurping all his money.

She describes in detail how Bollywood used to splurge on Vicky’s money and how she fell in love with him after resisting his numerous advances.

She tells me that it was this ‘penance’ that eventually made her turn to spirituality. She is quick to add that though she is in love with Vicky, God is her first love.

There are portions that I have edited out (****) because it contains sensitive information about (a) religion (b) details of the alleged crime of Vicky Goswami and (c) names of Mamta Kulkarni’s Bollywood co-stars, who splurged on Vicky’s money even though Vicky was an alleged member of the Mumbai underworld at that time.

Rest of the interview is left untouched as I had promised her.

A tip for my readers. Suspend your sense of judgement, logic, language and reasoning before you read this interview. If you can do that, there’s a lovely story waiting to be discovered.

Over to Mamta Mukund Kulkarni again.


1. We heard that you are now married and settled either Kenya or the US, could you please tell us a little more about it?

Yes i am Happy wherever i am.Where ? is it necessary? After so many years in solitude of meditation as made me realize importance of peace.

2. Is it true that allegations of underworld links made you leave Bollywood and you don’t want to return ever?

Yes and No also. initially i did feel not depressed as when you are right it hardly matter but during and when that moment when i became enlightened i forgaved all because had they had not have behaved like this it would not compelled me to seek the higher truth infact in these 12 years i didn’t even watch or read any films or magazines. But the days after my enlightenment i went to see some and too because of some of my acquaintances but this time i watched them with different perspective.

3. Now that Bollywood is romancing the underworld and there are allegations of several actors, filmmakers having links with it, do you feel you were singled out for no reason?

That time Though i was a media Baby but written media without having to be seen and heard lively was mis-interpreting the speaker in many wrong angels and also as per the writers’ own whim and fancy and truth at many times didn’t see light or was hidden for some deeper benefits or interrior motives of the journalist.

Like some inferrior complexed indivisuals [because i always kept to myself as i rarely spoke to him or her said i didn’t know English language or i came from an Vernacular medium of school] and what is fact i schooled in one of the best schools in Bombay that is St’ joseph Convent juhu infact when i was approached by Ketan Desai.

why don’t you counter check if i am saying truth? his first question to me was did i studied in U.S.A. or in Bangkok like Neelam Khotari and i told him NO and asked him why? he told me you have an accent as if you just returned from abroad and if this is the state of your english how come i can ever speak in Hindi as you are going to working in Hindi films.

For the fact my entire book is without any editors or anyones help and neither my interview so tell me are these not lies than what but this has been spreading quiet a while when i was working but i kept quiet.

Now same thing happened with the under-world issue, It was Mr.  **** (a filmmaker) who approached me first in my make-up room in Kamalistan studio having to praise me for an concert he watched of mine wth Aamir and second time he came with an item number which till then no actress of my statutre ever did, where the film in question was in cans for 5 years and its actress **** (name of the actress) already married which became history and third time he replaces the actual actress of the film and takes me for **** (film name) and that too till 80% of the film i am okay, then am removed and then according to the director i take help of an under-world [where its producer/financer Mr **** (filmmaker) gets 2 years terms for confirmed link/an audio link with none other than **** (an underworld don) and then i am supposed to threaten Mr ***** who i never approached to work with and that too for an project which i never approached in the first place.

And if so why” and if so then whats’ the name ? and whats’ the need especially that time i gave signing amount back to Mr **** and many others and had even called Mr. ****  to take someone else so what was the need and that too after my 30 odd films and that too after worliing with some top directors and production house. i am the one who told no to people like Mr ****, then where is the need to threaten anyone and to someone who i never approached in first place.

Now forget me now soumyadipta i approach you praising you for some work of yours and i approach you second time too work with you again i praise you and again for third time i approach you again but now for third time i still praise you and suddenly remove you after 80% of your work would you threaten me with under-world ? i hope you have got your answer.

4. Is there anybody from Bollywood who keeps in touch with you?

In these 12/13 years what was i doing, where was i, not even my family knew as this was demand of the spiritual world. when someone does a penance he has to be alone and it has to carried in utmost silence and have to be detatched from everything and everyone that can be a obstacle.

5. Could you tell us about Vicky Goswami, the person who is rumoured to be your husband?

Because of my silence even this part has become very talk of the town. First i read and asked by many, about me marrying someone in USA. Some say i got 2 kids etc, etc.but i never married to no one neither i am still married to anyone.

(**** whole part edited out as it refers to religion)

Now, About Vicki Goswami, Again here Press has /had never done its home-work very well. We indians are all un-discriminative set of people, one says something, all herds stand and nay in one direction.

Now let me take you to year 1996-1997 entire industry headed to Dubai like Mr. **** (five names edited out as all the actors are still working in Bollywood) for opening of Vicki Goswamis’ Hotel. Just before this i heard from some of the above co-stars and others like Mr *** (co-actor’s name edited out), and their secretaries about how these stars came to Bombay after visiting Mr.Vicki with mobiles, cars, jewellery, even our Miss **** (refers to a beauty pageant winner who currently stays in Mumbai) whole house was decorated by him. she took him to a jeweller at her *** (refers to the pageant that she won) and fetched the most expensive piece of jewellery. How Mr **** (her co-star) got an most expensive car, how Mr **** (a Bollywood character actor) went to dubai 5/10 times a year threw parties with vickis” ‘money in Dubai and came back with expensive gifts. well that year 1996-1997 i had no secretary i appointed Mr. ***** as my secretary.

One day i get a call from a person Name Mr. Vicki Goswami. Since i am being introvert i really didn’t encourage him. Slowly one day i get another call this time i do research about him and get stories about him about his ways of gifting form from some of my co-stars during that month after several calls of pestering to have to meet me though he sounded too down to earth and me am being very difficult, somebody had to be really a good human to make a feeling within me.

after several months i agreed to meet him and when i heard of him of being already married told him on his face whats the point of us meeting as you are already married, then he mentioned to me that his marriage is on rocks already.

and then i get to know about his hotel opening that was on **** (spells out the date of the hotel opening) i was shooting in seychelles. Everyone landed but interesting an **** (refers to a reigning superstar)  in clutches [ probably he would not go for his own mother], **** (reveals the entire list of actors who had attended the bash) and many all were there and same night of his opening after everything finished, was his arrest.

All papers flashed him being a Drug Smuggler i was shocked as no one till then ever told me who he was i believed everything said and read in papers.

There was no call from him for 2 years but him being a good human-being thats what people would call him as large hearted some called him Farishta. Believe me after my 12 years of spiritual bath. i have yet to see an human-being like him. Coming back after 2 years i receive a call from him from solitary confinement that he has given up food and water for 22 days as he better die than sign on those papers which make him to accept the things not done by him.

**** (a large part edited out as she is talking about the source of the drug consignment that was seized from Vicky Goswami at the time of his arrest).

The drugs belonged to Mr **** (refers to a person living in Dubai) he was supposed to be in jail instead of Vicki.

During that time i went to Dubai and also my sadhguru directions and his choice of my place for my penance became one. i landed Dubai. I went to visit him. Best part till then i was mere a outside spectator to Vickis’ Case. As i stood outside the jail there were some 200 ladies there who would come regularly to visit their respective relatives when they heard that i came to visit Vicki Goswami **** (sensitive information pertaining to religion).

they said ye aadmi tho nirdosh hai, isko phasaya gaya hai, iske jagaha koi aur hona chaii tha !

It opened my eyes till then i never went so deep into his case, nor i have been to Dubai as in Mumbai Going to Dubai is never considered good. Since before this i knew very little about Vicki i researched about him as truth doesn’t come cheap it needs thorough investigation.

And in my research i found what i knew or what others knew about Vicki and his Bigness was less.

This man was so huge, he was building First Airport in Um-Al- Quain, He was building first waterpark-casino over there an indian/Hindu becoming so big is fine but so big that on his one call entire industry lands up became envy in the eyes of these ***** (refers to a person in Dubai). At the same time Mr ****** (refers to member of the Mumbai underworld) act getting caught and when about to be caught runs away from the country and never wants to come back, then who should be held.

I thought i will do something for him by contacting high officials but i got the truth of our country’s standing & respect in the eyes of ***** (refers to an influential person in Dubai).

Second rest of indian prisoners” in Dubai/Gulf jails” stories of how our Embassy/or our Country holds no importance in their eyes They literally told me that had they had an American or British passport we would be out long time back. just last year there was a case in Sharjaha how over 1 Pakistani murder 11 indians were told to pay blood money, normally in Dubai if anyone murders anyone here you pay one hundred dirhams equal to 15 lakhs of rupees to the family who has lost the person, but Indian government could do nothing infact all 11 people each paid 12-15 lakhs each. if this was America would United Arab Emirates behave in this way can 11 people be held equally for murder of one person such type of injustice has happened to no one in this Emirate we indians are first time.

A USA journalist is caught spying in Pakistan. America turned all tables up and down and made sure he was released. But what happened to Sarbjit singhs” case from our Prime-minster to our entire Press to all worked to get him out least convert his death sentence to Life term and that too for just crossing the border in drunken state. what was he charged as terrorist.

same with Vicki he is innocent just as you and me so while practising my meditation i was also praying God for his coming out alive, infact because of my penance and continous appeals he was taken in protection by my Sadhguru. And just as my meditation was ripening so was Vickis’ coming out.

My penance got over and Vicki was released.

This is me, you love someone in good times, stick by your man when in bad times too, in fact in our Vedas then Rishis would suggest to get women in their bad times as such a women will be with that man all his life. only an whore or an opportunist or a materialistic ladden women behave this way seeing their men in problem run with someone more better, i don’t belong to this category where women who love men with their names are shinning and moment they are in problem stop to pick their phones from inside or stop to acknowledge them by saying in media that it was never true.

Right now Vicki is out almost 6 months now.

In these 12 years no one came to me in Dubai all the stories of peolpe knowing me offering me where was the time out 24 hours 18 hours went in Gods service where was the time to see or hear anyone and remember God comes to you only when you are alone. and espscially when your world has become him.

Infact i love vicki but even he knows as my first love now is God because of my inner aspect i wanted to renounce everything about being attached to anyone or anything marriage as my first love is no more him and with so much of meditation theres’ nothing left in me as far as materialistic world is concerned.

a women who didn’t apply make-up for 12 years, didn’t visit a beauty parlour for 12 years didn’t watch a movie for 12 years didn’t look in mirror for make-up for 12 years will take my life slowly. Change can’t come in me immediately it will take time.

As being enlightened i am aware of my future too i am threading path which my sadhguru has laid for me. right now this is it theres’ no more to reveal.

So Soumyadipta this is your answers,Though you intend to tell everyone but this is my last interview. i stayed out of limelight for so many years i intend to continue with it.

regards! Mamta Kulkarni

Link to her blog -> http://www.officalmamtakulkarni.tumblr.com or mamtakulkarnioffical.tumblr.com

Link to the book that she has written -> http://www.free-ebooks.net/ebook/Autobiography-Of-An-Yogini-by-Mamta-Kulkarni-Man-From-Mountains-Gagangiri-Maharaj-Who-Raised-Dead

Link to the past posts about Mamta Kulkarni. (1) Desperately seeking Mamta Kulkarni and (2) Mamta Kulkarni, unplugged!

Link to the original story in Bangla -> http://www.epaper.eisamay.com/Details.aspx?id=5190&boxid=142156281

Short-link of this post -> http://wp.me/p3x1zT-l7

Update on November 18: Mamta Kulkarni is not lying about the high-profile Bollywood party that was thrown on the occasion of Vicky’s hotel inauguration. I just found an article where the author refers to the party in detail in the course of his narrative about Abu Salem. Here is the article. 

All her social media networks, her blogs or her e-book have either been seized or removed by her

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  1. You should have translated her English.Very hard to understand. And why the censorship? If she is willing to go on record what is your problem? Certainly don’t get why you would block the religion part unless it was a hate filled tirade but if it was we would better understand her psyche and state of mind.


  2. Pretty boring as you have edited the names out. Really tough to comprehend. Would have been better if you had left the names as she has no problems. A letdown to be honest. Was expecting something better


  3. even i felt the same thing.,if u revealed the names, that would be more sensational..,and gone viral., anyhow good try..,


  4. I think she has lost it and is deluded. usually happens to religious nuts. Although my sympathies to her and hopefully she will have a good life however she wants.
    But why chicken out by blogger by censoring names and details. if you take those out there is nothing much left in this interview other than her poor comprehension of the language.
    If she was willing to divulge then you should be willing to print/type them in.


  5. C’mon, Bollywood Journalist, reveal the names! I can guess some names from the interview.
    I know why you are concealing the names and the details. The truth is that with the details, you can blackmail those Bollywood celebrities that have involve with the underworld and extort money from them. Else, you can threaten them to publish their names. Very simple logic! But it is fair on your part though. These celebrities do not earn clean money!


  6. I have no idea what she is talking about. It seems like utter gibberish. Someone needed to translate it into a coherent format before publishing it. It seems so odd for her to be so religious on one hand blathering on about her spirituality and then associating with a known criminal drug peddler.


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