Mamta Kulkarni, unplugged!

No one spoke like Mamta Kulkarni in Bollywood – not with her brand of candour. The more she spoke, the more she made headlines. Sometimes her own words backfired on her, but she couldn’t care any less.

In my last blog post (Desperately seeking Mamta Kulkarni) I told you how I tracked Mamta Kulkarni down and found out where she lives and how she looks. I also posted a series of her latest photos which shows that her face hasn’t changed much except for obvious signs of aging.

My next course of action was to convince her to speak to me — something that she hadn’t done in 14 years.

Convincing Mamta Kulkarni to give an interview more than a decade later was not an easy task. She didn’t agree at first and kept me hanging for days on end. I had already taken a break from blogging and didn’t mind the long wait.

I was happy that she was responding to my messages. I was convinced that she will talk to me sooner or later and I never stopped pestering her.

I guess the issue that was bugging her was that I might tweak and twist her words as it had happened in the past. Also, there were certain ‘topics’ that she didn’t want to talk about.

Finally, I gave her a solution — (a) We will conduct the interview on email. (b) Both of us will retain a written record of the conversation. (c) I will not interfere editorially and publish her answers without any change (d) She will have the liberty of not answering a question (e) I will give her social handles out so that her fans can directly get in touch with her.

Mamta Kulkarni finally broke her silence after 14 years.

The beauty of a blog is that you can publish matter the way you want to. So, as I had promised her, I am publishing the e-mail interview without any editing. It is just exactly the way she had written back to me.

The views expressed here are solely Mamta Kulkarni’s and I have not interfered with it editorially. To reiterate, I have not changed anything that she has written. It’s her words, her language and her way of telling you the truth.

I am not judging her. You shouldn’t too.

I had already posted a similar video before, here is another video where she is talking about her co-stars. This is just to give you an idea about how she speaks. It’s a precursor to the interview and I felt that you will have better understanding of the interview if you watch the video.

You can read the interview after watching the video.

This is part one of the interview where she tells us what she was doing all these years while Bollywood was busy tagging her as an actress who had gone ‘missing’.

In the next part of the interview (to be posted as a sequel), Mamta will talk about her alleged underworld links, her relationship with alleged drug-lord Vicky Goswami and how her closest friends in Bollywood deserted her when she needed them the most.

That ‘explosive’ part of the interview will follow this post.

Over to Mamta Mukund Kulkarni.


1. Why the sudden decision to quit Bollywood?

Every Cause has an Action concealed in it, An Action has an Cause revealed in it. The Cause and who actual was I, was already disclosed at my birth to my parents and to my grand-parents. Dear soumyadipta, if you read my book which i already sent you the link and more-ever if you read my blogs, you will have answers to many of your questions. Some are born for cause of world some are born as cause for God, i fall for latter part. So, the call to go to my actual cause of my exsistence was inevitable.

2. Your fans haven’t interacted with you for 14 years, have they missed anything in particular?

When I was shooting for my 3rd last film Chuppa Rustam there was an simple, fragile looking old man strolling. This man came to me 2nd time. First time he came in 1993-1994 and told me some facts of my those 2-3 years, where most of the films he said will become superhit did become superhit. He told me about the adulation, awards and would surpass many of my contemporaries and 2nd time he said you have 15 years of Golden period waiting for me. And believe me with a Sage like shirdi-sai, Shree Chaitnaya Gagangiri Nath comes and takes you in his shelter. He decides everything for you, makes you wipe your millions of births of bad deeds and having to take birth in many wombs by making you do severe penance and as Gold is derived by burning in fire and then it sparkles and I am given my true identity by making me realize my self and crowns me with Ënlightment.’ How would my life would have been needs still to be explained? or how life has treated me what more can a human-being ask for more?

3. We heard that you have written a book on spirituality, is this true?

True, I sent you a link.

4. Considering that television reality shows can get you a lot of money and people are willing to take you back in films, when are you making a comeback?

Funny, I am Laughing, is it possible for Ghee to become milk again, is it possible for Rishi Valmiki to become Vallya again? As my real Heroes have Changed From Sharukh, Salman, Aamir to first the Father and Lords of all religion thats’ Lord Mahadev /Mother Parvati though two they are one, to his son and my too Lord Narayana and third to my Guru Shree Gagangiri Nath. 

Though I have written in my book but again for your knowledge for Manav kalyan God [ Lord Mahadev] had created navnaths, spiritually they are called as 9 masters ,or 9 narayanas like Mastyachandrinath, Gorakhnath, Jalandaranath, Cauranginath These were all Lord Narayana’s Ansh [ his sons] .Through them was the task to establish the Spiritual world and future Masters to come from the same clad is my Spiritual Sage. Theres ‘saying it takes many lifes” good deeds to even have an encounter with a sage of this status ,then many lifes’ good deeds for him to accept you as his shishya a student and all your lifes’ bad deeds last breathing time for him to crown you with a jewel, a crown called as self-realization.

5. When was the last time you were in Mumbai. Do you come to Mumbai often?

Yes i did. During Kumbh-melas time. I stayed for entire 10 days i took bath in Triveni Sangam and visited Kashi-Vishwanath.


Coming up: Mamta Kulkarni on her alleged underworld links and candid confessions about her partner, alleged drug-lord Vicky Goswami.

Hope you will be waiting for that post.

The last post on Mamta Kulkarni -> Desperately seeking Mamta Kulkarni

Short-link of the post -> http://wp.me/p3x1zT-kK

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  1. Nice on Soumydipta. Enjoyed reading it. Difficult to match this level of spirituality with the character she played. Nicely done and enjoyed the gravity of her thought.. though it is far beyond my level


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