Press photographer Shantanu Das

Shantanu Das1This page introduces you to photographer Shantanu Das who has clicked some amazing and candid photographs of Sonam Kapoor for this blog.

These photographs are one of the most candid photographs of Sonam Kapoor ever clicked.

The photographs are uploaded HERE.

Shantanu has been a press photographer for the last 15 years and he has worked with all the leading media houses in India like The Times Of India, Hindustan Times, The Statesman and The Telegraph.

He has served the Mumbai edition of The Times of India as a senior staff photographer for almost nine years.

He is based in Mumbai.

Shantanu has successfully organised numerous exhibitions of his photographs in India and abroad. His works have received numerous awards.

Here are some articles about Shantanu Das’ earlier photography exhibitions.

CLICK HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE OR HERE to read the articles.

Here are the clippings of a few newspaper articles, click on the thumbnails to see the larger picture.

We wish him all the best.

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