Dear Fawad Khan. It’s time. Go back to Pakistan.

Dear Fawad Khan,

At the outset, let me clarify that I am not singling you out. I am merely addressing this letter to you because you are the most famous Pakistani import to Bollywood.

By addressing you, I want to talk to every Pakistani import to Bollywood. This letter could have well been addressed to Adnan Sami, Raahat Fateh Ali Khan, Mahira Khan… the list is endless and keeps increasing every year.

Fawad, I don’t think you can deny how much love we have showered on you over the past few years. We have given you more money in two years than what you could have possibly earned in Pakistan in 10 years. We have given you recognition that you would have never been able to earn sitting in Karachi. We made you act in great movies, we helped you endorse brands. And hey, we also made you a bigger star in Pakistan.

Though you are a supporting male lead in Bollywood movies, you are now a mega superstar in Pakistan.

We are proud of what we have done for you. We know that you have acknowledged it numerous times. You have spoken with gratefulness about the love and hospitality that we have shown to you. Though you keep mum about the money, you have earned here, we know that you are grateful to India for showering you with wealth too. Thank you for acknowledging that.

You are welcome.

fawad khan

I don’t know about others, I used to be very vocal about the fact that culture knows no boundaries and that there should be free exchange of artistes between India and Pakistan. Me and few of my friends supported and patronised the fact that India and Pakistan should collaborate for projects, specially when it comes to cinema. We recognise that cinema is one of the strongest forms of dialogue that can go a long way in forming public opinion across borders which will facilitate the peace process between the neighbours.

Not anymore.

Dear Fawad, whatever we have mentioned earlier is being done by us. India. Your country is doing just the opposite. We talk about dialogues but this is just becoming a monologue of peace from India.

We give you so much love and money, but your country continues to ban our cinema and our artistes.

We drool over you and give you some of our best projects. Your country dreams of creating a Bollywood on their own. We are thinking of collaboration while your country talks of division and isolation.

Our country knows that your country’s television serials are far better than us (in quality that is, we always had more money though) but your country’s government have prevented us from working with you there too.

Your country is mad about Bollywood movies but end up supporting piracy because most of the Bollywood movies are illegally downloaded in Pakistan. Bollywood movie piracy has only grown in Pakistan over the years.

All this never really mattered to us in the past. As I said earlier, we were only concerned about a free and fair cultural exchange no matter what is happening at our borders or how violence is being incited in Kashmir by your government backed Jihadi groups.

The water is flowing over our heads now, Fawad.

We have watched in pain how you have chosen to look away when your country is inflicting pain on us. We are letting you laugh all the way to your bank account in Karachi while our soldiers are bleeding in Uri, Kashmir.

You have chosen to keep quiet about us, our suffering and our death in the hands of your Mujahideen army. While we have given you only love, you have given us silence and that cute, dimpled smile of yours.

Sorry Fawad, cultural exchanges cannot happen over dead bodies of our soldiers. We cannot shake hands with your country when their hands are covered in blood of our own countrymen.

We know that you have a lot of support from Indians who would pamper you in isolation. We don’t blame them as they have invested money on you and wouldn’t want to lose it.


Photo Credit: Faisal Farooqui

Fawad, you lack courage. You lack conviction. You lack the guts to stand up against the Jihadists of your country who think they are serving God by killing us.

Finish what you are doing Fawad and then do us a favour by going back to Pakistan. You see, what you have earned here is enough to last a lifetime. Go when the time is good and don’t wait for people to boycott you. Don’t wait for movies to crash at the box office because you are there in it.

Let’s part as friends, Fawad.  It doesn’t matter if you have failed to respond to the favours we have done to you and your colleagues from Pakistan.

We wish you all the best and pray that someday you will have the courage to rise above boundaries and speak for what is right. We wish that someday you will stand with us because you earned your bread on our soil.

Take care and let us know when you are getting your air tickets to Karachi done. We plan to give you a grand farewell.

With deep regards,

Your ardent Indian fan.



The author tweets at @soumyadiptabanerjee


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  1. Why don’t you start asking indian producers/directors, why they hire Pakistani actors ?
    Why you feel ashamed to ask that to Indian cinema people or govt of India who give visas ?
    Personally, as a Pakistani, I don’t like our actors /actresses to work in India. A country that has so much hatred and media-fed poison running in their blood, must be avoided at all costs. I was given an option once for some visits to India but I denied due to the facts mentioned above. I find no charm in visiting India which is full of baseless hatred and angry emotional people. You people totally deny atrocities committed to innocent or freedom fighting Kashmiris. You believe whatever is thrown at you by your weak army and incompetent journalists/media personals.

    I hope someday when God give you common sense, you write an article on killings and pellets/bullets firing by Indian army on innocent kashmiris. Even you call (kashmiris) your own an still kill them, rape them and put pellets on their faces. Few of URI deaths are more valuable than thousands of Kashmiris deaths is the Sad Truth that you cannot deny.

    If someone does terrorism in another country than people both nations are not responsible nor their govt. Make your facts right about Law and Justice. Strange !! you do not know anything about Justice as a whole. Go and visit some court of law and study how people are held accountable for what they do.

    Thanks for giving me another reason to never to visit India.

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    • Ohhh really??? The United Nations has declared Pakistan as a failed terrorist state…Times Magazine has listed Pakistan as the most dangerous country in the world…Every terrorist attack that happens in any part of the world has links back to your dust-bowl of a pathetic country…Osama was killed in Pakistan and even the 9/11 conspiracy was hatched by Pakistani…Your country is the filthy cesspool which breeds terrorists and Jihadis…

      Both India and Pakistan got independence at the same time…today look where India has reached & where Pakistan has been left behind…Pakistani passport has lowest (second-last) acceptance for visa all around the world…In sharp contrast, India is the fastest growing economy in the world today…India is world number 1 in attracting FDI & also for new start-ups…Indian PM is one of the world’s most influential & renowned leaders while Pakistani leaders are clowns who have zero credibility…

      Today Indians are well accepted and respected all over the world…Many many fortune 500 and major corporates have Indians at the helm as CEOs, presidents, GMs…Microsoft, Google, Adobe, HP, Pepsico, the list is endless…

      Indian Muslims have made their mark in every field in India…we have Muslims as president of India, deputy PM, army chiefs, business men, superstar actors, intellectuals, scientists…Richest Asian Muslim is Indian person, not Pakistani…How many Hindus do you have in Pakistani politics or army, at lofty positions?

      So now crawl back to the same rotten log from under which you came crawling out, you swine !!!

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      • Why do you people swoop down to such depths? It really amazes me! Salman put forward his arguments in a very decent way – you choose to respond and not only start off on a totally different plane you use such horrible language. I suppose you would when you don’t have anything sensible and relevant to say.


      • sources you hateful creature? i’m sure you have’t looked beyond your nose. idiots. when did UN declare Pakistan a failed terrorist state? India has 28 independence movements .. if Pakistan starts meddling in Indian affairs, you’ll be a goner in a year. you started arms race, you started nuke race, you militarised Siachen. you have more army in Kashmir than the whole army of Pakistan. are you f*cking kidding us?


      • Oh and one more thing – what’s your business in Afghanistan, or Iran? You tried to have us declared as terrorist state and isolate us. The tables have turned, the world except the US will side with us and you’ll be left alone with a country that is one the decline. And we all know what happens to a country when the US enters it. 🙂 Happy getting messed up, you’re not as resilient as us, what you’re doing will come and haunt you.

        Fortune 500 .. just Google all the Pakistanis in top positions across the world. Endless, hahahaha two examples .. endless! Do you get born with lies or are you taught in school?


      • Let me give you the accurate answers of stupid things that you were talking about. Pakistan is the only country who has given too much to evacuate terriorists from its soil no other country has suffered our country is spending a very big amout of its economy on mission Zarb-e-Azb in western Pakistan against terriorists. Pakistan has nothing to do with any happenings in india infact india is after the peace violations on Balochistan province of Pakistan. & Let your country make one thing clear to not to compare Balochistan with IOK (indian occupied kashmir) because IOK is a disputed region on UN’s list. You people have so much hatred against Pakistan because your media only spreads false poison against Pakistan. Pakistan was itself a victom of terrorism we have lost many uncountable innocent lives specially of innocent children. Yes we do achieved independence the same year and we haven’t left behind first go and see the real face of your india then speak. The reason that we don’t have a majority of hindus and other minorities on any specific posts is that the population of Pakistan is more than 97% of Muslims but we do have hindus in different fields too. Open your eyes don’t behave like a blind person if you are not. And don’t think of Pakistan as a third world country like India. When the time will come you will see the reality with your eyes.
        Reply from a true patriotic Pakistani.


      • U indian peeps have millions of people livin in poverty with rats monkeys and cow piss. What u think u are look u outta millions its hard to find a single good looking person so ur producers obviously look around the borders. We are what we are and we are NOT WHAT u think we are .Mind your Fucking Buisness.


      • and one more thing Mohan, you brain dead person. those “Indians” at the helm as CEOs, all of them are naturalised citizens of the US as India does not have a dual nationality agreement. so, yeah a guy living and working in another country for most of his life cannot be called an Indian anyways. if that is the case then kindly search for Pakistanis in the US, UK, Norway – they are part of civil administration, government, law, health (best doctors in the world), science & tech, arts, music. all that with a population that is 9-10 times less than yours. we have achieved more per capita than India could ever do. your country is a disgrace to the world with a huge population and a negative output .. all your govt and army is busy doing is interfering in its neighbours business (not even a single bordering country enjoys peace from your side), promoting and funding terrorism (TTP, BLA and countless other examples) and kicking off and maintaining an arms race with occasional wars (India has always attacked Pakistani borders). you are a disgrace to this world!! thrive in your hatred if you can, it will soon consume you and your country, just a matter of time. you aren’t as resilient as Pakistan and you can never be. sacrifice requires heart, you don’t have one.


      • it does not matter what united nations states as united nation has also mentioned india as a rapist country and in the list of worst country for women


      • I love how Indians love to brag about how much money they have and how far they have come. And indeed they have come very far, instead of defecating outside their homes, now they go to the beaches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixJgY2VSct0
        I wish instead of giving their money to Pakistani actors, they would use their money to teach Indians some 21st century manners and build some bathrooms. Indians act so tough on these message boards yet their women get killed and raped in open as people walk by.
        I wish Indians would show same toughness when on the streets as they show here on these message boards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLUOCk5jHJo
        I am not afraid of these cowards and you can keep all those Pakistani actors in India.


      • To all Pakistanis replying here with a poverty tagline. Is your country free from poverty?

        Like Sushma Swaraj said, those who live in a glass house should throw stones at others house.

        Your GDP per capita is $1,427.08 (Nominal) and $5,084 (PPP).

        Our GDP per capita is $1,820 (Nominal) and $6,664 (PPP).

        Not a proud situation but atleast not provide false information here that Pakistan’s GDP is higher than India’s. The problem with your education is you are educated with hate and hence you people don’t come with facts.

        Take this bitter truth. India, despite a population of over 1.25 billion people managed to stay ahead from you and see we are not stopping here. Our economy is growing at almost 8% per annum.


    • Are you kidding me?
      Your textbooks teach you to hate Hinduism, Our textbooks dont teach us to hate anyone.
      Why doesn’t a Pakistan civilian admit it that their country is a terror-hub(which is clearly known to the whole world)?
      You know the reason why Pakistan is nothing compared to India? It’s because they just live in the past, they just want Kashmir, they’re too focused on what India is doing. Where as, India just let’s the dogs bark and keeps moving on.
      Bdw you did yourself a favour by not coming to our country, so good job on that. (Y)

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    • We have made multiple movies on the inhuman treatment of Kashmiris and the atrocities that some people commited under the name of the Indian Army. Check out Haider and Shaurya. What has happened in Kashmir is one of the most shameful incidents for the Indian Defence. But the perpetrators were court martialed and trialed. They were held accountable for their actions, just like any other citizen would have been.

      I am not supporting this article about sending an actor back because of some other people. But please know and understand, that the average Indian is not filled of hate. We grieve for the men lost on both sides in an useless conflict, by people who hold no position on either side of the border. Unfortunately, a lot of these groups and individuals are supported by powerful groups from Pakistan. These groups might not have the support of the government, but isn’t it the responsibility of the government to keep such forces in check? Make them accountable for their actions, especially when certain individuals have been proved to be guilty?

      Anyways, fighting over a public forum is a useless act. I just wanted to clarify some of the media created bias against us. We are all not that bad. And personally, I would love to visit Pakistan. Lets hope some day both countries can co-exist together

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      • You certainly, are sensible my friend. Let me add that people of Pakistan love People of India and similarly people of India too, love people of Pakistan. There is no hatred and no rivalry between people of both the countries. They have decades old blood relations between both the countries. Hey Banerjee..be brave. Go to Jammu, Go to Srinagar and go to any part of Kashmir, either in India or in Pakistan. Go to the people and ask them what they really want. Why bring Governments of India and Pakistan?. You go for your self and ask people what they really. Most of them will say they want to live with Pakistan, or some also may say that they want total independence. But hardly a few of them will say that they want India to rule over them. Check your own newspapers first.


      • akbar… in that case if u go to balochistan, even there people might want to be with pakistan or want independence.. and some people in kashmir might want independance but ladakh and jammu would never want pakistan thats for sure…


    • Please relay your message to your terrorist friends as well. Cause they seem to like having their Graves dug in India. Oh and mind well communicate in Urdu, they won’t understand English!


    • This article speaks in direction so as to create a new brand of racism altogether. If Brad Pitt was to act in Indian films, would we have reacted in the same way? I mean, come on! When they have to have Indian characters or settings, they are always criticizing, making it appear odd and acceptable, making it look funny, humiliating and what not. No! He is a star we already know about and are familiar with. But you don’t like the Indian treatment of foreign films, do you? Still. the inferiority complex that we have keeps us from not adoring them. Fawad is an artist. He was paid by the industry for whatever that he worked for. And it is HIS money, not India’s. No proof of him doing any Jihadi thing so far and his work in Indian films is great, better than a lot of his ‘Indian’ contemporaries. So let him do his work where he can find it best and stop putting the burden of nationality on the shoulders of an artist. Stop trying to play God, just because Indian Cinema happens to have more money than Pakistani Cinema. And just how would you react if Priyanka Chopra or Deepika Padukone start receiving such reactions in Hollywood? Won’t be comfortable, would it?

      Besides, India and Pakistan have been the same country once. A lot of our culture, cinema and making over all is similar. It is not only healthy but also logical that there should be an exchange of artists. It is just a little sad that inflow in India has been a little more than outflow. But I guess, it might take time but that would catch up too. Dear author, you owe a serious apology to the actor for writing this.

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      • @Riti Precisely my thinking as well ( Sorta ) . Firstly, What are you doing pointing fingers at someone who’s living in peace? He doesn’t want to interfere with it because it’s not an issue to be dealt by him. So, Dear Author, Tomorrow you go to (let’s say) U.S. and you make tons of money there & suddenly, you realize all the terrorist attacks are happening from your country. ( Not pointing out any country ) And now, an anonymous citizen posts about how you should leave because your genes are from elsewhere. would you fucking leave a place where you earned your living by working hard, making new friends. i mean i’m a random indian citizen, and i don’t have the power to do anything & even if i had, it’s not my decision to make about what happens & 90% of the times, i’d end up making things worse. So stop pointing out fingers for no reason if you can’t handle a finger pointed at your own self. Also, i do know that people will stand up for what the believe is right. And i’m pretty sure he would to, when the time is right. And I don’t think this is not the time to increase the fatality of the situation.
        Thank you.


      • Yes U r absolutely right ! It is damn correct dat Fawad Khan is an outstanding artist both in case of TV serials & cinemas…. I saw all his Pak serials for instance Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Humsafar, Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam, Behaad, & so on & on & on….I simply realised dat he is much better dan many of our actors…. His acting skills, his looks, his voice, his smile, & each & everything don’t have any comparision….

        So I here in dis regard totally deny dis logic of sending back an actor like Fawad for such massive terrorism. I here Don’t find any logic why an artist has 2 suffer for such….! I felt extremely bad for Fawad khan….& dats all…


    • Oh really? All I see is hate coming from your side. Personally we have been very very good to your country. A country where honour killing is alright has the guts to say this. But alas, what can we say, you people don’t even respect your own mothers and sisters. Islam is one of the most humbling religions in the world, and I say this as an Hindu. But you people have down graded it so much. When someone is wrong, no matter what they mean to us, they are wrong. You need to accept that. Your country is wrong so accept it. And takr your filthy comments to ur bed. Unapproachable idiot.


    • pellet guns are fired at stone pettlers who were attacking army base and if some som done attacks your house you protect it as a rule of like aggressors cannot decide how the fender will defend


      • exactly that is why india will decide against surgical strikes because they know that their backsides will be ripped apart. It seems indian army has intelligent people who know their deficiencies and will ask their government not to act like idiots.


    • A poor unknown journalist trying to earn his chappatis on Fawad’s name. It is you now who is earning money through Fawad. Soumiyadipti, you are not only ignorant about how economics works but also about who Fawad is. He doesn’t live in Karachi and was already a rich guy before joining Bollywood. It is Bollywood who earned money by cutting down the cost of their movies budget. It is Indian companies which made money if he endorsed any brand and it’s not the other way around. Over 30% of Bollywood revenue comes from Pakistani pockets in Pakistan and overseas ( UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, Australia, Europe), u dumb retard. Your actors are working in our TV plays and movies. Go watch Actor in Law. BTW, Adan Sami is an Indian citizen, u moron. SHame on you, you are pitting the whole Indian nation against an entertainer. What do you want from him ? fix ISI,Kashmir and RAW for you? He will not respond and shouldn’t unless of course you have an item number for him to perform in the movie. He might give you 50% discount. bollywood has been stealing Pakistani music and movies scripts since 1960s. India made millions out of it.


    • That’s a good point. I guess the writer’s letter addressed to our country’s producers and directors too. Though in a country of 1.2 billion, there will be few exceptions who wil choose not to agree with the writer’s opinion; on democratic grounds. Well we have seen Jaichand’s, and yet survived, so don’t you worry. We will sort it out.

      And as regards, you agreeing to not visit my beautiful country again, Thanks. I hope your sentiments reaches your other countrymen as well.


    • It is plain and simple, Indians would not have invited Fawad if he was not going to make money for them.
      The rest is sweet talk. Grow Up guys!


    • Who gave you chance of acting I wonder.????? Pakistani actor/actresses fear to ask their govt. why they are sending terrorist to the nation from where they are getting thier daily bread. Be there in Pakistan and beg on roads no need to come India.
      Pakistan froma decade suppoting the separatist funding them providing weapons to fight against indian forces..our army always tried minimum hurt to the kashmris. Open your eyes and see the young boys participating in BSF and police recruitment in valley.
      You talked about Kashmir also dare to talk about POK and baluchistan. The brutality you all are doing with the people. People are arrested in 100 of no. taken to unknown places and brutally murdered. 1000s of baloch people are missing , your govt use fighter jets to to crush the protest over 20000baloch people have been killed in a decade..Terrorist org. which has been internationally banned runs freely even funded. Terrorist roams freely on the roads of lahore and karachi.


    • yeah i agree with you i myself want peace with india but i do not wish to go to india they treat and look down on us make visa rules strict for us while for Afghanistan they made it easy when Afghanistan is also a muslim country but they only consider us there enemy and terrorists how can they blame fawad for the terror attacks did he done it to them no ? and your right what about the deaths they caused in Kashmir killing them making them blind which has children women is this called there religion there religion what about the gujrat incident they did to muslim ? what about there extremist hindu groups are not they terrorists and i myself do not like them working there i miss there presence on television dramas and its your people that are so dying for our actors did not you heard every indian girl wanted fawad khan and about dramas its your government that block pakistani dramas


    • Terrorists are never invited to India. So you better dont even think of it. You dont like your actors / actresses to work in India but they like to work because beggars beg where they think they will get money.


    • Soumyadipta,

      Thats an unfortunate article coming from an educated person.Though I dont agree with you that Fawad Khan is the most famous import to Bollywood I dont think he or any Pakistani artists should be barred from performing in India.Being an artist it is a smart move on the part of them to steer clear off politics.They shouldnt be held accountable at all for the deeds of their government.Artists as in science,sports are an universal subject and should be patronised by people anywhere and everywhere in the world irrespective of nationality,race or religion.After all we live in a global world.Some of the Pakistani artists are really talented and giving them a chance is a win win situation both for India and the artists.


  2. Dumbiest article ever I read. Pethatic indian thinking. I wonder on this planet a nation lives name India soo called innocent .. wow !! Killing in Kashmiries, spying and invlovement in every neighbour country. Fought war with every neighbour state .. home of rapiest and yet they called themselves innocent … Much of the terrorism in Pakisan is supported by india alot of evidences on record.


    • I agree that the article is really wrong,and many of the Indians agree about it .
      Now we (India) have not called ourselves as “so called Innocents”.
      Killing Kashmiris??? what will the Government of India get by doing such thing?.Our Government never did any such thing intentionally, they always tried and are trying their best to solve the issues created by terrorists.
      Coming to the wars..what do you mean by “Fought war with EVERY neighbor state ” do you even know India’s neighboring countries? certainly you don’t know ,otherwise you would have not said that. Its okay l’ll tell you ,Nepal, Bangladesh,China,Bhutan,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Sri Lanka and Myanmar. India has fought war with Pakistan and China, not with every neighboring country. When someone is trying to remove a part of your body without your approval,definitely you would fight back .India too did the same thing.By the way,India never wanted any war against anyone and it never enforced wars on any country, it fought back when there was no other option left by the opponents.
      “Home of Rapists” Really??? let me ask you something ..have you ever been to India? if you have been then you would not say this.No women can get as much as freedom they get in India. India is one of the safest country for women in the world,by this i don’t say that rapes doesn’t happen in our country but i mean the rate is less compared to many other countries. According to your perspective ,every country on this planet is “Home of rapists” that means this planet is “Home of rapists”.
      “Much of the terrorism in pakistan is supported by India” ..may be in yours dreams.

      PS: yours is the Dumbest comment i have ever read,with Pathetic spelling mistakes.

      Jai Hind.


    • India a great country…..who thought civilization to whole India….what about killing in balochistan..pok….gilgit etc….pakistan is responsible for a unrest in afghan…even afghan tell now and then..where was bin laden?????where is dtwood Ibrahim????In Pakistan un told that sometimes back….what about Hafez syed???? Do you know he is also recognized by un has a terrorist!!!!!he has 10000$ on his head…..Indian army is not killing innocent Kashmiris….the guys who throw stones towards army are hurt by pellet guns….it’s normal….they were payed by hurriyat….has daily wages…..indians always requests pak to give the dossiers to india about terrorist backed by india….you failed sorry there is no evidence either….if it was their you would have showed to un…….we are the one of peace keeping nation in the world….actually Pakistan has no rights to tell about human rights….because it’s not a member of un human rights council….!!!!


  3. Seriously what the F***k.. The writer of this article looks like someone with a no brain.. Someone who has a Chicken Head & a Chicken Heart… Only describes a little piece of information he read in his 10th grade history book rather actual facts prevailing everywhere!! Go get a life man!!


  4. Adnan Sami is INDIAN, he could’ve taken any nationality of the world, but he took up the Indian passport. So, let’s leave him out of this whole thing.
    Didn’t read the article after Sami’s name was mentioned. Did not want to read the “information” and viewpoint of a person of an ignorant person.


  5. What a silly article. I’m a Pakistani but I have great respect for Indian cinema and India in general. More than anything, the superior tone is what got to me. I mean, really. Who even wrote this silly nonsense. Make no mistake, I’m not a fan of Fawad. In the contrary i believe he’s extremely overrated, but i think it would do well for you guys to take a good look at yourselves instead of blaming Pakistan for everything. We have enough problems of our own. Kashmir is a disputed territory. Did you ever question why that is? Because you can’t clap with one hand. Violence is being incited by both sides. Nobody is totally culpable for the blame and no one is completely innocent. I’m sorry to say but just because you guys are oaying Fawad, you don’t get to debase Pakistan. Fawad is not paying us what he earns. He’s not donating anything so please keep Pakistan out of this. I would have expected better from a reputed magazine/blog like yours. I am highly disappointed, no disgusted. Kick Fawad out for all we care. He doesn’t represent Pakistan. Who cares? Just stop being so superior. You’re no better than us. Don’t forget, we used to be one united country and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Respectfully,

    A Pakistani Fan


  6. Dear Senseless Bollywood Journalist;

    Let me thank you first for the letter you have written and the chance you have given us to speak our hearts out. Lets begin with your point of saying that India promotes cultural diffusion. If it had been so, I would never had the fortune to come across your letter. If India has graciously showered love over Fawad Khan; then that is due to the fact that he has earned it along with any other Pakistani star. If you have given him the awards, than he has given you enough of his looks and acting, that no other of your actor would have been able to offer with such perfection.

    If you blame Fawad for distancing himself from the statements related to Jihadists and Uri attack, than I must say that you have forgotten India’s contribution to Kashmir terrorism. As a writer and a journalist, I feel pity for your stance and opinion. It makes me sad to think how someone could spew so much hatred. Please do not suggest Fawad the courage to speak up, when you are using your journalistic rights so against the integrity.

    In the end as a writer I would say that, while, you have great literary skills “You lack courage. You lack conviction. You lack the guts to stand up” for what is right. Please note it down for your next article that if you, in the future, dare to stand against the Pakistani celebrities or anyone; you will get an even worst response.

    Thank you!

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  7. How many Indian artists have spoken about the atrocities that have happened in Kashmir and the way they are butchering Kashmiris?
    Why single out only Fawad Khan. Majority of artists like to stay out of politics and focus on their work. The are ‘Actors’ not ‘Politicians.’
    The whole article only talks about the greatness of India and is only orchestrating about the money they have given to our actors. You get paid when you work and the amount you receive depends on your qualifications and abilities. Indian producers are no fools. They would not pick up any Tom, Dick or Harry. They would only take the cream as they know that a lot of money in invested in film making and they would never gamble their project by hiring an incompetent person.
    The reason Fawad Khan, Maira Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali are asked to come in a work in India, because they are they are excellent actors and singers. If India has paid our actors for working in Indian films, they have also earned billions from the same films. You get paid when you work as no one works for free.
    It’s ‘Symbiosis.’ …… You benefit me and I benefit you.

    If movies are being banned in a country, then that is the government’s policy. Why penalise the poor actors?
    Shahrukh Khan spoke about the way Muslims were being killed in India and he received the back lash.
    Everyone likes to stay safe and not involve themselves in matters that don’t concern them.
    This whole article shows only frustration and racism.


    • Well said. The person who wrote this article about Fawad Khan also got paid for writing it. They just want to create a fuss and that’s what they did in the past also.


  8. This is stupid. Fawad is not responsible for how the Pakistani government is handling the recent Uri attack issue or rather other political/social issues. He is an artist who he is working in another country – plain and simple.


    • Hello mam, hope you doing well and enjoying life. Of course you are, because for you that soldiers are dying everyday on borders by Pakistanis. The same pakistani you showing your love for. Its not about any individual person now. It’s about whole damn country. He loves pakistan. He works here. And he goes back to pakistan to enjoy. He can’t even say India is a good country cz that’s the power of pakistan on there people. Now go on a deep thinking and realise. Its high time, we need to boycott everything related to pakistan. And bollywood is a showbiz jab tk paisa aega vo kisi ko bhi cast karenge. It’s our duty now to show them that we don’t want them. And this article isn’t stupid. Some responsible citizen written it in the most respectful manner.
      Thank you.


  9. So Fawad’s popularity in India is a huge favour and act of charity because Fawad is from Pakistan. If he were an Indian, then his good looks, his likeable personality and his acting skills would not have taken him anywhere. Now Fawad must thank India by rising above boundaries and turn into a politician from an actor. He must speak whatever topic Mr. Banerjee decides upon and he must also say what is right which is again what Mr. Banerjee thinks is right.
    So Mr. Banerjee, I am from Pakistan and I have clicked and read your article. I also saw reference to your article in leading Pakistan newspaper. So lots of Pakistanis have clicked on and read your article. Can you please now pay us back by pointing out all the wrongs your homeland has committed?
    So called educated people like yourself on both sides of the border who are in a position to promote peace and harmony but choose instead to spread hate, misunderstanding, and prejudice are the lowest of the low.


  10. Pakistani Artists are fueling Bollywood industries and making them profitable around the world, in return what they are getting in return ? just peanut shells ?
    Bollywood in using popularity and fame of Pakistani Artists to make their movies profitable. it is reality that Pakistani’s Bothe Male and Females are more beautiful than Indians.


    • I’m not India hater but I am well aware that at some point they don’t accept us (Pakistan)… but Why the hell our Artists go there and seek fame in Bollywood? Though this article is LAME in many ways but Fawad Khan’s head was really in sky after doing Indian movies, he had to kicked out of India. And India!!!!!! Stop pointing fingers at others. Live and let others Live. And the Terrorism you are talking about is someone else’s creation which we are facing more than you at least. Do I need to remind you of Peshawar School attack, Quetta Airport attack, Rawalpindi Jamea Masjid Attack and many more like this. These pests live within us so better try to wipe them instead of acting like a crankypants who always blames others for their condition


  11. Such a lame letter ; reminded me of a dumb boy who’s has been pointed out by teacher to explain his yesterday’s lesson. Who was not aware of the topic even but tried to pretend himself a scholer on the subject.
    The fact of manipulating things has numerously been shown in their own Indian films how they manage attacks & blame others.
    My dear! Before being published, do some homework to unveil the truth.
    And Fawad khan…. He is a born hero. He was at the height of popularity when India chose him to abridge the gap of old heroes.
    You R again misled by the fact that Pakistanis watch pirate videos. We r not a biased nation like u. Indian film earns a lot through Pakistani cinemas.
    Come out of your self created world & try to find the truth about Kashmiris, ur govt, ur industry & ur media.


  12. I’m saying this as an Indian sick at the game Pakistan is playing in the valley and yet find this to be utter nonsense.

    Singling out an individual in a cultural field for not making political statements is idiotic. The place of politics is during elections. No one is bound my morality or any other compass to go make public political statements – if anyone wishes to do so, all due respect and goodwill for him. But you have no right to determine what any person should or should not do publicly. There are a hundred factors in one’s personal life that make it silly to try and prescribe morality to others.

    (Well justified) retribution by the Indian Army on terrorists is one thing, persecuting cross-cultural actors is meaningless. Furthermore, this is not the West where people might still be swayed by enough social media attention (rise of Trump’s support) to petition their local representatives to take hard action. You have hardened ideological terrorists sitting out there in Pakistan for decades now and you seriously think Fawad (or even the whole Pakistani film industry) making a statement will cause a political chain of processes to weed them out. Give me a break.

    Annoyed at the deflective ideas.


  13. I support boycott of pakistanis, they are selfish and donot want to accept their faults, all they know is to complain and try to gain sympathy. All the India-Pakistan wars have been started by pakistan till date , they carried out the deadly ruthles attacks on Mumbai and so many other indian cities . They just dont want to see us in peace. They keep to trying to instigate us because if we attack them, they can go an cry again in front of the world leaders. We should stop all contact of every kind with them and just ignore them. No friendship , not relation at all.They should be as good as dead to us .


  14. Personally i dont know who is wrong n who is right.. But we cant deny the fact that pakistani jihaadist activities are obviously heart breaking and it always breaks the trust we try to build for a friendly future with pakistan..every time it gives us a reason to think that it would be better to just stay apart from each other . lets take a break..cut connection for some time..let both the countries live. I am not saying anything about the people of pakistan but dear friends you have too agree that it break heart and soul to see our brothers dying out there..and breaks the trust when we know that your country killed them …for no reason. So just stop spreading the hatred ..lets just stop being enemies and lets stop being friends .. Just leave us alone and let us live. Its a request.


  15. Lol What A Jurnalist :)) What You Think Mr Banerji Only Fawad Khan Earn Money ?? What About Your Indian Producer And Indian Goverment Earned Money Via Texes ??? Why You Not Think About This ?? Emotion Is Not Aa Solution Your Govermet All Time Failed To Show Some Prof That Pakistan Attacking India All Time Not A Singel Time Why Your goverment And Media not Showing Pakistan Weapon As Your Army Chief Said Wo Found Pakistani Weapon In Urri Attack…26-11 Attack Parliment Attack….. I Am Again Said Emotion Is Not A Solution Pls Wakeup Thanks


  16. I think this is stupid to fight against each other. If we really care about what is happening between Indians and Pakistanis at the border and people around the world, its time we should broaden our mind and do something for peace. I am an Indian myself, my brother is a soldier. I am saddened by what is happening at Uri to Indian army and local people but I am not blaming common people of Pakistan nor India. We are all equal. But I agree the point that people at that status (not particularly Fawad or anybody else) both Indian as well as Pakistani should use their status to bring both country together and clear all the differences. Even we as public should also do our best. Please stop hating and fighting each other.


  17. This is really disgusting you should be ashamed of yourself for writing this. Especially aiming it at Fawad who is merely an ACTOR, he is not the spokesperson of Pakistan. He has no obligation to say anything regarding the political mess that has ensued. Leave him out of it, he is only doing his job. Why not address Pakistan as a whole or their government for these ailments you speak of. Furthermore just by writing this article you are only creating more hatred between India and Pakistan. What is the point? you want peace then why write such things.


  18. Get lost man, Who the hell are you to decide for all other Indians. Fawad will stay here, act here and live here. If you have the guts show it. Where were you cowards on that night when Ajmal Kasab was tearing apart the Mumbai city. You useless cow-mongers.


  19. Dear author..
    Your article was so stupid that I literally have to go puke so that I am not affected by your stupidity. I AM NOT GOING TO BE POLITE SO PLEASE BARE WITH ME..If you dont want to read the comment entirely then I wont judge you further ( you are already stupid in my books). WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO SAY THAT YOU HAVE MADE FAWAD KHAN ACHIEVE MONEY IN LIFE WHICH HE WOULDN’T HAVE EARNED IN PAKISTAN? I mean wtf! Who are you again? I havent heard of you! What have you achieved in your life that you say so? Fawad khan is an actor by profession..Not a terrorist..What the heck does he have to do with terrorism? He is working to pay his bills just like an honest man does.It is irrespective of the fact where he earns it.It is his choice! The government of india has granted him with a VISA and so he works here..Its the same as any Indian who goes to work in U.S or any other country.I think you have read the news a few days back where an Indian Uber driver raped a passenger and drove away in Australia..How would you feel if Australia bans all Indians now..Wont you be outraged? Because of the mentality of people like you Indo-Pak relations will never be the same. You should go back to school and get your basic knowledge about different things corrrect.. While you go make sure you walk properly because I dont trust you ( you might run into Street lamps and hurt yourself) ..

    These open letters are so ridiculous man!


  20. This is utterly outraging & pure nonsense ! Seriously ! I’m neither an Indian nor a Pakistani but I’ve been a fan of Indian cinema for almost a decade now & that’s why I’m allowing myself to comment on this ! I’ve came across plenty of delusional people but this honestly tops it all ! Firstly what is that “we gave you , we did this for you, we did that for you and what not …” what do you make of HIS TALENT ! You’re talking like the guy was given that huge favor which he didn’t earn at all. Fawad is one of the most talented actors that any cinema in the world would be grateful & proud to have for his immense talent which I’m certain is no secret to anybody who has seen him at least in one tiny scene. Then why would he go down that road and talk about something which has nothing to do with the main reason he came to India & that you seem to have forgotten about which is to ACT IN INDIAN CINEMA ! We never ask a doctor to strike a business deal so why should we ask an actor to become a politician? You might say that due to his position he’s got an important platform where he can express himself & hence might have an influence somehow & I would have agreed with you totally if it was on anything else but a political issue because when governments are involved they’ll eventually do whatever the hell they want to do despite anyone’s opinion about it.
    I hope neither Fawad ever comes across this article nor is he ever leave Bollywood cinema because just like every genuine cinephile will feel, it would be a humongous loss for Indian cinema


  21. I think this journalist has got out of mind. I don’t know when people will stop pretending that they are the ones who give a big name to someone…. Fawad is not a beggar that you tell him to leave.

    I can say the same thing about the Bollywood celebrities working in Hollywood if you justify this case for Fawad.


  22. Dear people of pakistan – I personally don’t have a problem with you nor the scumbag that goes by the name of Fawad Khan.

    My only ask from you is this – Can you please stop talking about Kashmir in your rebuttals? Kashmir was never yours in the first place.


    • Khal Drogo,

      How petty of you to claim ownership over mere land that lies within your border. Makes me wonder, Is land more important than its people? Land is what makes its people or it is the other way around? Forget Fawad Khan, did you raise concern about the state atrocity and violation of human rights in Kashmir, since the ‘land’ as you claim was always yours?

      Before you jump the gun, I live in New Delhi.


  23. Hi,
    I am a Pakistani who went to school in America, and am living here. My best friend is from India. You know when we go out we call ourselves desi. No Indian no Pakistani. Just desis. We enjoy the same cuisine, discuss the same movies and many other commonalities. It’s interesting to read comments from both sides. I am not aware of what happened recently n I kind of prefer it that way ( yes I know I’m living in my bubble which I choose to because in my bubble life is peaceful and no one hates anyone or is killing anyone) but stop for a second and think. Why are our armies killing each other. Why is our border considered so dangerous? I think it’s fear. Because if we forget for one second that we are brothers fighting over inheritance (this is how I explain India and Pakistan to the west) , for a second if we have nothing between us, no history non so ever. Do you not think we will bond over our similarities just the way we desis do abroad? You know why people stereotype, differentiate and categorize? Because they want to keep them apart. I have been to India multiple times and it was fun. No one believed I was a Pakistani, as this sari walla at chandni chowk put it, ‘App homko to apney jesa dikhta hai. App Pakistani kesay ho sakta hai.’ Think for a minute, if we as nations (not government or political entities) stand together, and say no to this bloodshed on both sides. Just plainly say no! Leave Kashmiris alone (both the countries) so that they can form their own government or do whatever they please. Don’t you think we can coexist peacefully.


  24. This peace of letter has been so brilliant written …word by word it convince the feeling of every Indian heart …its really high time
    if the Pakistani actors/ SIngers can earn money sitting in India certainly either they should push off or they should push there country to stop the terror …which they do in the name of Allah ..


  25. What a shame and another provocation… such people should not be in journalism at all….

    Let the government do the job… this is the reason we vote and select people from us… so believe in you and the people you selected. The best contribution we can do today is not to provocate others and spread rumors… These people are innocent we know… we cannot thrash anyone just by generalsing.. not everyone is bad and not everyone is wrong… Its our leaders who provocate people….. Generalising is easy…. everyone does that only….. The best example of generalisation is RIOTS….. we start thinking that community is wrong… not by person but community….. Rest everyone is free to think what they want…. India is the largest democracy…


  26. Soumyadipta: plz get some research going before you write stuff. Adnan Sami is an Indian citizen.
    Not to mention the fact that the whole premise of this “open letter” is unimaginative and will accomplish nothing.
    India will not benefit or lose from Fawad Khan or other Pakistanis in Bollywood staying or going back.


  27. No no no! We haven’t done Pakistani artists a favor by accepting them here BECAUSE they’re Pakistanis. We label Fawad a heartthrob because he is good looking. He gets movies because people like seeing him on screen. This has nothing to do with the fact that he is a Pakistani. All the people mentioned here have come up because of their talent, just like Indian artists. So, asking people to leave because of what a few other people of their nations did, is definitely not rational. Just like they have the freedom to stay here, abiding by laws, we also have the freedom to boycott people we don’t like. We have the freedom to not watch his movies. We have the freedom not to cast him in any movie or endorsements. We have the freedom to not respond to their tweets. We have the freedom to un-follow them on social media, for whatever reasons. But don’t write ‘Open letters’ asking someone to leave, unless they are involved in crimes against the nation.


  28. The reason why most thinking Indians don’t empathize with the current acts of violence against Kashmiris citizens is because the place was previous home to many Kashmiri pandits (hindus) who were either butchered or driven out thereby leading to an almost complete extinction of hindu population in the valley. Hence most of the Kashmiris (read muslims) are reaping what is seen as a microcosmic effect of the genocide they are used to inflicting on other religions groups worldwide when they reach an absolute majority. so you see Karma sometimes can be a bitch. While you might argue that Fawad and others of his like are entirely here on his own merit and not as a favor / charity done on them, also you might argue they are employees / artists and they have the prerogative to keep it that way and have a choice on whether to articulate their stand on these matters, you might spare a few words to explain why Pakistan is not receptive to any talent or creative / productive entity that does not emanate from your religion as we hardly find anybody from a different religion head major companies, legislative or constitutional or for that matter make it big in any way including movies for which you can always take steps to open market for our producers and other movie guys. If you are so much into traveling places to earn bread butter name and fame, how about some quid pro quo guys ?


  29. I am surprised why in the first place Bollywood and the Indian movie goers must accept the import from Pakistan, when India is over flowing with talent of every kind! Secondly, whether it is Indians or Pakistanis, religion comes above all else as far as Islam is concerned. Has any one heard our own Khans openly and vehemently condemning the dastardly terrorist acts sponsored by Pakistan? Isn’t it fair to assume that the right words and a common front put up by Muslim Bollywood mega stars in such crisis situations will go a long way in creating awareness among Indian Muslims –some of whom are known to be sitting on the fence– and mobilizing public opinion in Pakistan, about the futility of the terrorist actions sponsored by Pakistan Army?


  30. Here’s why I find this article hypocritical, emotionally driven, and quiet frankly offensive:

    1. In any situation, a life lost is upsetting whether it is a soldier or a civilian. The ongoing conflict in Kashmir is frustrating for us to hear, but perhaps the most frustrating for those living there and we can’t deny that. However it’s not his burden to bear because he is not a political figure so if he either chooses to be silent or doesn’t have an opinion that’s his right. Freedom of speech entails that he says what he wants to or remains silent because that’s his choice.

    2. As a professional who’s hired to act and perform, he has done his job and frankly done it well. The fact that you say, “we made you act in great movies, we helped you endorse brand” implies you had something to do with his skill or choices. The movies that he acts in have been chosen by him and made better because of his acting skills. I mean Sonam might be a great model but her acting skills aren’t what draw attention from the audiences (referring to Khoobsurat) and Sidharth might be cute but pit him or anyone against Fawad and you know who everybody will be looking at. This is proven by the fact that he’s bagging your debutant awards having done movies with mediocre plots, or making those movies a box office success.

    3. Film making, being an entertainment industry, is still a business at the end of the day. There’s clear strategic decision in hiring Pakistani actors. You can make it all about uniting the 2 nations but in reality you’re hiring an actor who’s good at his job, probably demands less money in comparison to the locals, has a bigger impact compared to a local debutant because though it’s his debut, he is clearly internationally popular given the fact the Pakistani dramas are so widely watched. So no, you did not make him a bigger star in Pakistan, but Bollywood became more popular among the masses that only watch him. If he says otherwise, all I can say is that he’s a humble man, an added quality that makes him desirable amongst the masses. Also, no, you or anyone else did not do him a favour. He would’ve been loved anyway because he’s talented and handsome.

    4. What’s with constantly talking about his wealth? What I find extremely difficult to understand is how much public feels like they can pry in the personal lives of those who are considered public figures. What he’s making is confidential unless he chooses to disclose it, just the way someone’s dating life would be. With growth in any field comes more money. Whether it is his pocket or wealth in the pockets of those who are able to make money through his talent (i.e. your directors, your producers, your endorsements, your cinema). Don’t pretend like you’re doing him a favour because had he not been a bankable actor, your country would’ve sent him home (such as Meera, Veena Malik, Mikail, etc). That’s a fact for any of the other talents that have been kept in India such as Adnan Sami, Raahat Fateh Ali Khan, Mahira Khan, Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar etc.

    5. I fail to understand why any cinema would aspire to be like Bollywood. Majority of Bollywod cinema is humour that’s sexism and scatological personified. The fact that Bollywood is so big but it has taken this long to start making movies that appeals to intellectuals proves the fact. While there’s no denying Pakistani cinema is much smaller, arguably it has evolved at a faster pace than Bollywood. The Pakitani film maker, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and her 2 times Oscar winner proves that, while Bollywood can keep trying.

    6. Part of presenting a good argument is ridding them of fallacies. You could’ve just ended at “Our country knows that your country’s television serials are far better than us (in quality that is” however you chose to, yet again, mention wealth by saying “we always had more money though”. So this is what I have to say: In the age of intellect, the educated masses choose to dumb the audiences by making shows about Naagins, black magic turning Bahus into flies, and 7 janam (re-incarnation). That is probably because you have ‘more money’. The sad part is, while people around the world, including your overpopulated nation die of hunger and starvation, you still take pride in having more money. That pride is nothing but a shameful thing to have, especially when this truth exists.

    7. Piracy is a growing problem in India AND Pakistan and not just an issue in Pakistan itself. Unfortunately there’s no current solution to it. However there are Indian movies that play in Pakistan theatres and do well. Here’s a list of movies that played and were loved: http://www.india.com/showbiz/13-bollywood-movies-that-worked-their-charm-in-pakistan-482568/ .

    The fact is, censor board is established to prevent what causes distress and hurt amongst the civilians. This is true for both countries, so anything banned due to restrictions by them cannot be denied at the moment but they are changing with time. However, the fact is, that you talk about extending your hand for peace and your cinema makes movies against Pakistan and those are the one’s that are banned. Reality is, if you truly want peace, then why the negative portrayal after nearly 70 years of separation? You talk about free, fair cultural exchange but all I see is double standards. Your nationalist views cloud your better judgement.

    Don’t pretend to be an ‘ardent fan’ when you’re clearly only a nationalist who is singling him out strategically because his popularity (and perhaps looks) frustrate you. The fact is that he’s a threat to all your local artists because he’s able to convince the audiences and draw them in like no current artist can. His charm amongst the women (including all your current actresses) is perhaps what has caused all this jealousy.

    Lastly, regarding the political conflict itself. There are thousands, perhaps millions of people, who have suffered the loss of loved ones, been cornered and tormented mentally and physically, and have died to survive on that land of Kashmir. This includes the vulnerable: women, children, disabled, and elderly, all due to greed for more land and more power. The reality is that a gun in the hands of 1 soldier is at least 6 lives lost of those that are unarmed. If after 70 years of conflict, people have chosen to stand up for themselves is because it’s their right to their property, their right for freedom. Don’t question their decision to fight for themselves, question your political leaders who continue to hurt humanity, which not only includes the civilians living in Kashmir but also those soldiers that lose their life for the sake of greed.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dear Asma Khan,

      Though I fully disagree with the comments of the writer and agree with most parts of your comments I have to say that Fawad Khan is not at all a good actor.I have seen much more talented actors and actress from Pakistan.


  31. Dear Mr Banerjee, in case you are not aware, Adnan Sami Khan is an Indian citizen. He may have formerly been a Pakistani but he should no longer be kept in the same basket as Pakistani artists.


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