Dear Fawad Khan. It’s time. Go back to Pakistan.

Dear Fawad Khan,

At the outset, let me clarify that I am not singling you out. I am merely addressing this letter to you because you are the most famous Pakistani import to Bollywood.

By addressing you, I want to talk to every Pakistani import to Bollywood. This letter could have well been addressed to Adnan Sami, Raahat Fateh Ali Khan, Mahira Khan… the list is endless and keeps increasing every year.

Fawad, I don’t think you can deny how much love we have showered on you over the past few years. We have given you more money in two years than what you could have possibly earned in Pakistan in 10 years. We have given you recognition that you would have never been able to earn sitting in Karachi. We made you act in great movies, we helped you endorse brands. And hey, we also made you a bigger star in Pakistan.

Though you are a supporting male lead in Bollywood movies, you are now a mega superstar in Pakistan.

We are proud of what we have done for you. We know that you have acknowledged it numerous times. You have spoken with gratefulness about the love and hospitality that we have shown to you. Though you keep mum about the money, you have earned here, we know that you are grateful to India for showering you with wealth too. Thank you for acknowledging that.

You are welcome.

fawad khan

I don’t know about others, I used to be very vocal about the fact that culture knows no boundaries and that there should be free exchange of artistes between India and Pakistan. Me and few of my friends supported and patronised the fact that India and Pakistan should collaborate for projects, specially when it comes to cinema. We recognise that cinema is one of the strongest forms of dialogue that can go a long way in forming public opinion across borders which will facilitate the peace process between the neighbours.

Not anymore.

Dear Fawad, whatever we have mentioned earlier is being done by us. India. Your country is doing just the opposite. We talk about dialogues but this is just becoming a monologue of peace from India.

We give you so much love and money, but your country continues to ban our cinema and our artistes.

We drool over you and give you some of our best projects. Your country dreams of creating a Bollywood on their own. We are thinking of collaboration while your country talks of division and isolation.

Our country knows that your country’s television serials are far better than us (in quality that is, we always had more money though) but your country’s government have prevented us from working with you there too.

Your country is mad about Bollywood movies but end up supporting piracy because most of the Bollywood movies are illegally downloaded in Pakistan. Bollywood movie piracy has only grown in Pakistan over the years.

All this never really mattered to us in the past. As I said earlier, we were only concerned about a free and fair cultural exchange no matter what is happening at our borders or how violence is being incited in Kashmir by your government backed Jihadi groups.

The water is flowing over our heads now, Fawad.

We have watched in pain how you have chosen to look away when your country is inflicting pain on us. We are letting you laugh all the way to your bank account in Karachi while our soldiers are bleeding in Uri, Kashmir.

You have chosen to keep quiet about us, our suffering and our death in the hands of your Mujahideen army. While we have given you only love, you have given us silence and that cute, dimpled smile of yours.

Sorry Fawad, cultural exchanges cannot happen over dead bodies of our soldiers. We cannot shake hands with your country when their hands are covered in blood of our own countrymen.

We know that you have a lot of support from Indians who would pamper you in isolation. We don’t blame them as they have invested money on you and wouldn’t want to lose it.


Photo Credit: Faisal Farooqui

Fawad, you lack courage. You lack conviction. You lack the guts to stand up against the Jihadists of your country who think they are serving God by killing us.

Finish what you are doing Fawad and then do us a favour by going back to Pakistan. You see, what you have earned here is enough to last a lifetime. Go when the time is good and don’t wait for people to boycott you. Don’t wait for movies to crash at the box office because you are there in it.

Let’s part as friends, Fawad.  It doesn’t matter if you have failed to respond to the favours we have done to you and your colleagues from Pakistan.

We wish you all the best and pray that someday you will have the courage to rise above boundaries and speak for what is right. We wish that someday you will stand with us because you earned your bread on our soil.

Take care and let us know when you are getting your air tickets to Karachi done. We plan to give you a grand farewell.

With deep regards,

Your ardent Indian fan.



The author tweets at @soumyadiptabanerjee


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  1. Have you guys in India even considered the possibility of this being an inside job? Not that you do not have any precedence for it


    • Well, Yes but the facts after the attack show a different story
      The weapons of the terrorists have a pakistani armoury symbol on them.
      The food packets found from them have all been linked to pakistan…I wouldnt think if its an inside job…we would go all the way to pakistan to buy food products….Get your facts clear 🙂


    • We aren’t a nation based on dubious intelligence and pseudo army rule. There’s no possibility of the aforementioned. the truth sees the day of light in our land. Difficult for you to understand though isn’t it?


  2. So your brilliant idea to end India-Pakistan enmity is to make Fawad Khan speak for India in Pakistan?
    But if that is true, then this logic should work the other way around as well, righy? Recently an Indian actress/MP was dragged to court for saying that Pakistan is not hell, and that she was treated very nicely by the people of Pakistan. Other personalities have also been branded as anti-nationals for talking in favour of Pakistan (and god forbid, if they are muslims, they are even asked to go to Pakistan). So what do you think will happen if Fawad talks in favour of India, in a nation which is known to be rouge and where artists are randomly killed and targeted? Most probably he will not live to see another day. Not long back, Shahid Afridi was targeted for praising the Indian hospitality. We have to understand that he is just an artist who is trying to make the most of the opportunities he is getting (just like Priyanka Chopra). We won’t gain anything by specifically targeting an individual, he is not a terrorist and I am pretty confident that he doesn’t even support terrorism. Most likely the average Pakistani doesn’t support terrorism either, infact the monster created by their government bites them the hardest. Snapping all ties with them will only alienate them. I don’t know what the solution to this problem is, but spewing hatred against Fawad or any Pakistani artist is definitely not going to help.

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  3. Guys lemme clarify one thing….Pakistani actors are earning far less money in India in comparison to what one Indian movie earns in Pakistan… Plus Pakistan can afford Indian drama actors, therefore, they hire them, intact Pakistani drama industry started hiring Indian TV actors first… Plz Google all the Pakistani plays featuring Indian actors that also in main leads…. So guys comon… What one Indian film earns from Pakistan is far more than what all Pakistani actors earn from India


    • indian movies earn peanuts from pakistan. india’s is one of the biggest economies of the world. pakistan is still very poor. Our regional movies make more money than pakistani movies. how can they ever afford our big stars? India can easily afford any big paki star


  4. This has to be one of the dumbest articles i have ever read. Please get your facts right. Bollywood movies are shown in Pakistani cinemas… yes, the odd one may be banned but the majority are running on house fulls. Secondly, Om Puri is just acted in a Pakistani movie…Actor in law. Indian artists perform here whenever they WANT to, I have been Stereo Nation’s concert a couple of times here.
    Fawad is just an actor, like him or not. He is just doing his job. Leave the politics for the politicians… who are unfortunately doing a very bad job…both sides of the border. But most importantly … please leave journalism for the journalists coz you are definitely not one…

    A Pakistani who knows that we are all brothers with different passports…

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    • To shams
      what a shamesssss….
      I can just see just see right there I can just see right in your words How pitying your post is
      I can just see 😞


    • Thanks a lot brother, finally someone who made sense in this chaotic mess. I was flying to usa this summer and I happened across a Pakistani couple. I yet have to meet such nice and friendly people in India. The politicians are doing a horrible job, no doubt about that, and all this is just going to lead to more animosity and hatred. Let us common people sow the seeds of love and brotherhood. Indian soldiers have died at Uri, which brings us a lot of pain, but at the same time we need to realise that this is the work of the bureaucrat and average people have no say in it.


  5. Money got to your head buddy? Turning fawad into a charity case when you and your stars treat him as a prince? Bow infront of him. No one has ever done that in Pak. Indian media is instigating a needless war. It is so irresponsible and inhumane. Spreading hate speech so easily in the name of freedom of speech. You guys loose respect everytime you right some bullshit like this and pakistanis just laugh and walk away because we have bigger fishes to fry. Some of your soldiers died in an incident clearly fueled by indian atrocities in kashmir? Our blood spills on a daily basis for no reason other than our security. Our children have been butchered. Our elders shot and blasted. So eff off! Stop whinning and fix your own problems!

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    • Sir or ma’am plz acknowledge this is for the politicians not for the common man. My dear brother or sister plz understand
      A common civilian of india


  6. So should we request all the bollywood stars appearing in cinemas across other countries to return to India also? As far as I am concerned an artist can’t be put at fault as to what is being observed in Pakistan. Indians and Pakistanis living overseas are way acceptable and appreciative of everything than your humours letter lol!


  7. One day I hope people of both countries will understand that politicians are playing with our mind on media. If journalist of both countries start behaving maturely things will be better what I am just seeing blames on each other and people of both countries fighting on social media with pictures abiding each other. Please act sensibly and stop

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  8. India is country where knowledge, peace and wisdom has been flowing for thousand of years. This seems quite a narrow mindedness of the journalist who I suppose should not be called as. Shame on him. Grow up Mr. Let people come here in India show their strengths of talents and god gifts. We have to show to the people of this planet that India was great and is great country and shall remain.


    • Goood very good answer Mr Gurjar cuz i kno or hav indian friends n believe me trust me we are not different mere difference is in our believes n i think kashmir duzznt wanna b witth even Pakistan i heard them saying we want our own land . Dont kno way we are even fighting for n wat an actor can do in it very emotional written article feel like laughing reading it


  9. Kindly correct the incorrect statements

    1. Indian movies ae not banned in Pakistan, however Phantom was banned due to its provoking dialogues against Pakistan.
    2. Fawad is based in Lahore not Karachi.
    3. Adnan Sami is an Indian national


  10. What he needs to do is highlight the Indian state sponsored terrorism in Kashmir, which the 1 billion indians are in deniable about. Only a week ago thousands of people attended a funeral in IOK of a boy killed by your “good” terrorist the Indian army. You cry for your 18 but neglect the 80,000+ innocent people killed, I wounder why! maybe if they were hindus you would take note.

    This level of hypocrisy is only what you indians are capable of.

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    • A country that is responsible for the deaths of 3 million innocent Bangladeshis (hundreds of thousands of Hindus in them) should STRICTLY KEEP ITS MOUTH SHUT!

      You guys INVENTED hypocrisy. Get the point? Now buzz off!


  11. A very nicely written article with a plot and complete lack of logic..seems like a one sided story. Its like Mahan India & Indians have picked a person from Karachi’s street and cast him as a hero in their movie…It was his popularity in India that make some producer/director in India to contact him and offer him a role in their movie at first place…so making money/earning for next 10 years and bla bla…if india was so mahan & rich country that they can pick any minor actor from Pakistan and make him billionaire in few months then world bank should not reported that estimated 23.6% of Indian population, or about 276 million people in India, lived below $1.25 per day…

    Dear Indians, please dont pay any money to Fawad khan or any other Pakistani actors and please give this money to the poors of your country..for God sake..

    And you media..so hillarious..I mean in urri attacks…even when the attackers were still engaged, your media was reporting that they are from Pakistan..are you serious?
    Kabhi attackers pathan kot mein army maar jate hein kabhi urri mein…arey Do Indian Army got some intelligence?dont they know how to use guns? Its like 4 atank waadi kissi ki shaadi mein aa k naachte logon ko maar gye? tum logon k paas guns hein bombs hein intelligence agency he (so called) to phir rotey kyu ho maro unhein…har dafa marwa k baad mein ilzaam Pakistan per…How stoopid it is? isnt it? and your media, what is this logic atankwadiyon ki pocket se gogo paan masala nikal aya, cadburry chocolate nikal ayi jo made in Karachi thi….

    Dears, i can get every single indian made item from most of the shops in Lahore, including darbur items, chocholates, creams, suparis, etcs. What is this logic guys? Kuch to dmiagh ki batti jala k socho…


    • What about arms found which brand’s made in Pakistan, u have any idea we do have,INDIA is just waiting to prove it, payy(china)kistan will pay for its


    • We don’t get Pakistani paan masalas in India. No one would touch that but I’m sure u love our dabur and other brands. U guys r so busy killing people that u don’t even create big brands. And please spell “stupid” properly.


  12. Oye banergee looks like u got jealous of his good looks too 😂😂
    Jokes apart he would have earned equal amount of money in Pakistan also and was already very famous there hence when sonam kapoor saw him in his plays she had a crush on him and since she couldn’t do much as he was a happily married man she decided to cast him in her film.he is one hell of an actor and Bollywood is lacking this type of actors. and Pakistan is very proud of him.if he was not talented he would not have stayed in Bollywood for too long also…keep ur personal grudge aside..maybe the guy refused to give u time for an interview.if u have issues with Pakistani stars then u must write an open letter to Atif aslam and rahay fateh Ali khan too coz they are also Pakistanis n surprisingly the so called Bollywood music is incomplete with out them..now that I have replied to u as a Pakistani as a human I must tell u that no human civilian or an actor can be blamed for what’s happening in India and Pakistan.. On both sides of the borders humans live.only humans no matter what their religious beliefs are…and our governments and army do this drama to keep their pockets filled because without the wars no army is going to get a big huge yearly budget.i guess it’s time for u to grow up !!! If u want to protest then protest for the humans who r dying on both sides every day . If u think Kashmir is a part of India then protest for the Kashmiris who r killed by the Indian army everyday..its been 70 something days and Kashmir is burning.write something useful about it


  13. hehehe for this article and for FAWAD KHAN with all of those artists who are doing any sort of work in INDIA…….. Those bullies are not sincere with indian muslims how can they be………………………again hehehehehe


  14. Hello all

    Well debate

    Fawad khan did not beg any Indians producer to cast him in the movies, They approached him because he get guts and good acting and Indians are getting more profits by casting him in movies and it is purely commercial, and makes senses

    2ndly, every person on this earth needs to understand that you cannot blame Pakistan for every terrorists attack in India, you need to dig deeper and instead of blame game, collect the proof and show to the world that Pakistan is doing this, and without proof, kindly shut this bullshit that Pakistan is doing it, only blame game is easy but to proof, you need to train your intelligence
    agencies and made them capable to find the real traitor inside you,

    You didn’t look inside yourself, you are beating Muslims and Sikhs as well, they are not happy in living India, firing in Kashmiri innocent people and then blame others for terrorists attack, what happened in Uri is a reaction from Kashmiri people not from any other people,

    Fawad did not do any terrorist attach neither he support any of this so leave him out of dirty politics, and make a blog in which you can vote and ask all Indian people if they want Fawad in movies or not and if decision comes in your favor, go to your Govt and ask him not to issue a Visa to Fawad and he will not come to your country, A hero remains hero anyways whatever you say
    and there are not boundaries of Art, he can work anywhere in the world, Fawad was getting paid because Indian producers are earning much more because of him. He did not beg for the movies so Don’t ever dare to blame anybody, first investigate and then give proof and then say anything,

    Why you cannot see that your bloody soldiers are attacking on innocent children and when they attach back for a revenge, you
    are shocked and now crying why they did that?

    Shame on your dual diplomacy on that


    • U guys only want Kashmir not it’s people. Regarding fawad Indian cinema has survived and flourished over years all over the world courtesy it’s marvellous talented actors and not ur so called handsome looking fawad. Bollywood has innumerable handsome looking and talented actors and actresses and sensible people too. U guys will sing the song of Kashmir forever and neither let the people of Kashmir or ur people’s govt. and army sleep. Ur own terrorists so called jihadis have killed an innumerable Kashmiris and innocent people of India. If u have courage stand and protest against ur army and terrorists flourishing in ur world. If u have any self respect pl go back fawad and earn ur billions in Pakistan and leave our poor people.


  15. Simple Fawad has talent and therefore he has his chance in INDIA, so Please we regret attacks on UDI but how do you all INDIAN feels when ballet guns are being used to kill and make the innocent people of KASHMIR blind. DO YOU HAVE ANY HEART AND FEELINGS TO FEEL THIS PAIN.


  16. Dear Bollywood Journalist;

    Let me thank you first for the letter you have written and the chance you have given us to speak our hearts out. Lets begin with your point of saying that India promotes cultural diffusion. If it had been so, I would never had the fortune to come across your letter. If India has graciously showered love over Fawad Khan; then that is due to the fact that he has earned it along with any other Pakistani star. If you have given him the awards, than he has given you enough of his looks and acting, that no other of your actor would have been able to offer with such perfection.

    If you blame Fawad for distancing himself from the statements related to Jihadists and Uri attack, than I must say that you have forgotten India’s contribution to Kashmir terrorism. As a writer and a journalist, I feel pity for your stance and opinion. It makes me sad to think how someone could spew so much hatred. Please do not suggest Fawad the courage to speak up, when you are using your journalistic rights so against the integrity.

    In the end as a writer I would say that, while, you have great literary skills “You lack courage. You lack conviction. You lack the guts to stand up” for what is right. Please note it down for your next article that if you, in the future, dare to stand against the Pakistani celebrities or anyone; you will get an even worst response.

    Thank you!


  17. What about all the money he has earned for the Indian producers? He worked hard to earn the money that he did like any actor given the opportunity which came his way and he got recognized b/c of his talent and looks. So why politisize this? As far as movies getting banned in Pakistan are concerned, why shouldnt they be if they are anti Pakistan and obscene.


  18. I’m Pakistani and some of the nicest people I’ve met are Indians. They are warm and welcoming and I love hanging out with them. It’s people like you who seed discord and hatred. If you start looking beyond what your media tells you you’ll know that your agencies haven’t been sitting pretty over the last few decades. Much has been written by international journalists about Indian involvement in atrocities in Pakistan if you’d care to read. Your government is already party to the proxy war we’ve both been fighting. It is foolish to believe that you are innocent victims of terror. What you can do is raise a voice over politics of dead bodies because people from both countries just want peace. As a Pakistani I can tell you that no one gives a shit about anti-India sentiment. It is not spoken of on TV and we don’t flare things up for more TRPs. However your media is shameless in its quest for eyeballs even if it means destroying every chance of peace by fooling even the most educated of you.


  19. All Pakis should be banned from earning/performing in India! Period!There is enough talent in India, those guys need to get a chance! India does not need these people!


    • Yes just like all Indian movies should be banned from Pakistan. Cuz bollywood is earning 1000 times more from Pakistan compared to what our actors or industry are earning there. Ban on both sides will help Pakistani economy Cuz our movies will have more space in our cinemas and we won’t be sending billions to india too. So plzzzz there should be banned on both sides. Cuz our movies aren’t played there. Are all banned. So it’s a win for us and a loss for INDIA if a ban implemented on both sides.


  20. Why are you so jealous of the money fawad earned and repeating it? You are saying ” we” as if you paid him. I seriously believe this is a very rude post. Kashmir has nothing to do with fawad. Good try to be famous . I want to see what have YOU earned by this post? Apart from getting mocked

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  21. As a Pakistani, allow me to address your accusations:

    1, You’re accusing Fawad Khan of not speaking up against Jihadis. How many of your celebrities have spoken against Indian army atrocities in Kashmir? I didn’t see the Khans, Kapoors, Bachchans, Chopras, Bhatts or any other big names speak up against the use of pellets. If you’re of the view that Kashmiris deserved what they got because all of them are terrorists, then the Indian army officers also got what they deserved. Tit-for-tat diplomacy rarely works.

    2, Even before making his debut in India, Fawad Khan was a household name in Pakistan. He was one of the highest paid television actors among other big names, such as Humayun Saeed, Ayesha Khan, Mahira Khan, Sanam Saeed and Saba Qamar.

    3, Pakistan has graciously allowed Indian actors to work in Pakistani productions. Be it Naseeruddin Shah in Khuda Ke Liye, Om Puri in Actor In-Law, Kirron Kher and Shilpa Shukla in Khamosh Pani and Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt to work in stage plays. Indian television actresses Sarah Khan and Swara Bhaskar are also being roped in for Pakistani television serials. Yes, we don’t hire A-list Bollywood celebrities because our film industry cannot afford them. Our films are made on considerably low budget, sometimes even lower than what your top-notch celebrities would demand as their fees. That’s only because our film industry is still an infant compared to Bollywood.

    4, Pakistan violates copyright laws. Agreed. Not only Bollywood, but even Hollywood movie DVDs are pirated here. But doesn’t that happen in India too? Don’t you people illegally download movies and seasons from torrents? That being said, Bollywood movies are regularly screened at all cinemas and multiplexes across Pakistan. Only films with sensitive or derogatory content are banned. I’ve watched Sultan and Dil Dhadakne Do at a leading multiplex in Karachi. Bajrangi Bhaijaan did amazing business from ticket sales in Pakistan. Hyper-nationalist garbage, such as Phantom, gets banned. Do you really want us to watch movies that don’t even fare well in Indian cinemas?

    5, You talk about Pakistan banning Indian films. How many Pakistani films have released in India? Moor, Manto, Mehlaab, Maalik, Dukhtar and Seedlings are some of the most critically acclaimed movies of Pakistan. Which Indian cinema showcased them? Bachaana, Namaloom Afraad, Actor in-Law, Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai, Janaan and Bin Roye are some of the many romantic comedies we have released over the past two years. Which of these made it to the big screen in India? Movies like Waar were even praised by Ram Gopal Verma, but were never showed in India.

    6, Do you really think it’s a celebrity’s job to talk on political issues? If yes, then are you tolerant enough to accept and appreciate their views? Because the last time Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan spoke of intolerance in India, you people lost your marbles completely. How do you expect any celebrity to speak on any current issue if this is how you react?

    You lost your soldiers to a terrorist attack and you’re upset. I get it. You want Pakistanis out of India because your local talent is ignored? Valid point. You want to act like singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya on social media? Fine with me. But stop taking your frustration out on decent, non-political folks. Because if you do, then we have every right to hold artists like Mahesh Bhatt, Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah responsible for killings in Kashmir and RAW-funded insurgency in Baluchistan.


  22. Lol…..Ms Soumyadipta Banyrjee, you are so completely oblivious of what’s happening outside your pink bubble that it’s funny in a morbid kind of way. If you just care to take some time out from gushing over imported hunks in your over glorified Bollywood flicks and press the buttons on your laptop or cell phone after typing the words ‘Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir’ in the search section, you’ll realize that the ‘innocent’ soldiers you happen to be weeping and mourning for were after all no kindergarten children. They were cold blooded killers and gang rapists in uniforms, on a ruthless rampage to crush a freedom movement in a valley wrongfully occupied by your ‘democratic’ nation. No wonder Israel is a bosom buddy. Maybe the blood curdling images of bullet ridden faces of women and children would jolt you out of your ‘Bollywood arrogance’ and make you realise what’s really happening around you. And I’m not even bringing up the RAW backed horrific massacre of children in uniforms at the APS Peshawar yet.
    Instead of lapping up whatever your government touted media throws your way, do some research on the net and shake yourself out of your Indian arrogance. How about watching ‘Slumdog millionaire’ again to bring yourself crashing back to your true bhaarti soil????


  23. Did you ask the the Bollywood film industry why are they hiring him in the first place? Are they doing it to support Pakistanis? Or just in good faith. This is and industry darling! They’re there to make money. Your public WANTS him. They want to see him in your movies. That is why he is there. And if they are paying him, they are making much more than that. It is business and your sad association with this business to terrorism sounded a little senseless.

    I agree Bollywodd makes stars. But Fawad was BIG here even when there wasn’t an offer. So is Mahira. You are picking up the creme of Pakistani industry to showcase in your country ONLY because you want to make money out of it. It’s a win-win situation to be honest and I do not see anything to insecure our writer sahiba or anyone!

    Secondly, despite being a small industry, Pakistan has always appreciated and welcomed the Indian artists! Please get your facts clear that just this month a Pakistani movie released with Om Puri in the lead and Shilpa Rao was featured in Coke studio. Kareena and Karishma Kapoor are featured in mega Ad campaigns and they all charge! 80% of Cinema theaters in Pakistan are showing Indian movies and the revenue goes to?? Please have some exposure before coming up with a point of view this shallow.

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  24. The reporter need to go to mental hospital maybe they will give some electric shock so that she can get some sense into her my god she thinks they are innocent and pakistan is doing aa wrong its indias personal mess they so the terrorism and and blame it on pakistan you are so narrow minded for 70 years you are trying to destroy pakistan and then you say pakistan is k villain you are all gonna fall into the same pit you arre building for pakistan one day what you want fawad to take you side whay hes pakistani working in you films hes not a shittty person like you… what have you been doing in kashmir you killing innocent raping and you blame it to pakistan coz they try to save them …. gosh i cant handle your arrogance two wars happend betweent pak and india both india started and you indian still claim to be to innocent ones then you deserve it what ever happens to you


    • God u r also look like a one from these terrorists…bcz u r supporting them…i dnt want to give a fuck to all this pakistani cmnts…forget abt all these things n lemme tell one thing wt abt the terrorist like hafiz saeed n some others who r living in ur country….u guys r talking abt all the shit by knowing that u guys r giving a shelter to those bastards …n u said that pakistan is nt supporting the terrorism then wt abt these terrorists …
      n ntw hv some knwldge abt ur country…u described that both wars happened r strted by india ….seriously I m asking u that r u a patriotic fool who dsnt evn see their countries fault n hatred acts


  25. Just ask these Pakistani artist to donate some amount to the families of the dead and then you will see outrage and Pakistan will ban them forever. That’s Pakistan.


    • did you guys donate all the money to the victims of SARABJEET singh ? he killed 34 innocent people , when he file for a mercy appeal to the president he actually accepted his crime and on a diplomacy he asked to be release so please kindly donate that money which that pathetic movie have earned to all those 34 families and their loved ones


    • How many of your celebrities donated to the families of the deceased? You’re actors have worked in Pakistan as well. How many of them donated or visited to the least, those who are attacked in Pakistan on daily basis? If Fawad Khan said he condemns what happened to the soldiers, why will we react when we have absolutely nothing to do with the killings?


  26. fawad or rahat or whoever are artists who entertain us. we get entertained or love how rahat sings. that is it. they are mere entertainers once they stop or fail at there job we will replace them with someone who is better.


  27. What happened in Kashmir still hasn’t been proven… There are Indian celebrities coming to light in Pakistani Movie Industry. One recent example is Janaan which has two songs sung by Indian singers.


  28. Bannerjee, please stop speaking for all of us in India. Your vitriol and illogical tirade is an embarrassment. Fawad is an actor, just like many others. What does he have to do with terrorism? Grow up.


  29. What you have want to prove.. He was not earned alone Bollywood also earn from his project…. He was already an superstar before entering into Bollywood… Stop giving project to Pakistani celebrities IN SHA ALLAH they will earn in pakistan… Thanks too all the peoples specially Indians who are commenting positively… Pakistan is suffering from terrorism since 2008… Be positive……


  30. This journalist looks very cute and innocent.
    He has counted the blessings they showered on our artists. First of all our artists brought innovation and quality to your work because you can’t find people like Rahat, Atif , Shafqat amanat, Ali zafar and Fawad Offcourse. So you dint only gave them but you get more than what you give. Also he complained about the banned movies in Pakistan, every year hundreds of Indian movies are being released at our cinemas, name me One pakistani movie that was released at your cinema’s. We gave million of dollers of business to your movies. And the amount is far more greater than what you have spent on our artists. And if you make these propaganda movies against us don’t expect them to be in our cinemas Offcourse. And when it comes to terrorism, your terrorist has killed more than 100,000 Pakistanies , don’t expect flowers in return. Yes Fawad should come back because your government has for sure lost their mind. Peace can only be promoted by love from both sides. So rather than these stupid letters to artists let’s start writing to our army and intelligence agencies to stop screwing each other. May the peace Prevail forever.


  31. This author is clearly as racist as the Jihadist. He is openly inciting hatred on the basis of his country, right he claims he got by being born on few cms of land. Its hilarious when these kind of idiots promote peace and deeply demeaning to other educated hindus.


  32. Not at All Dear Ms Bannerjee,

    I would not cover my words up with a layer of lies when I know I dont mean good or even loke you as a person as such (after reading your article) first of all Fawad wouldnt even give a rat’s ass to what you’ve said. Moreover, he is already a siperstsr in Pakistan, nit because of your movies sorry to say. He has earned it himself eithout your help, so much so that he became so famous that Indian Directors had to offer him roles. So please get your facts right first. Secondly, the Jihadis are not going to liaten to Fawad Khan and he doesnt have to take their sid eor go against them. He’s not a damn polotician for God’s sake ! You sound so SILLY. And about us Pakistanis liking Indian movies, well I reside in London and I consider Indian movies the only connectiin to my family back in Pakistan, as we have fond memories of watching so many together. Well we love the movies and we love the stars. Amd to us it doesnt matter if tehy are I doans or Pakistanis. What matters is that yhey are talented and have earned a place in their hearts. As for the fact that you want Fawad to leave India, too bad. He was not waiting for your permission or even your opinion on that. Lol. You have made a joke of yourself writing this article. It is so stupid . A child would have a bigger heart and more sense than you trust me. You need to calm down . Get a hold on your thoughts. Maybe you had nothing better to do than writing thia letter. And Im aure tou wont gwt much publicity because of it, because im sure many people would think you sound like a silly jealous prick who had notbing better to write about than Fawad Khan. Let the man be please. He doesnt need your advice 😉


  33. Dear Indian,

    Fawad khan was already a superstar in Pakistan, when Bollywood put those projects on his feet. Your girls even gays were drooling over him across the border .. He, despite of political differences, gave your big screen a chance and looks like Bollywood is still not done with him.. It also looks like your best heroines want a chance with him.. Looks like he makes your flop projects a big hit..
    As far as Kashmir issue goes, he’s an actor .. Not a freedom fighter ..
    Actors being banned in Pakistan.. Om Puri and Naseer uddin shah are two big names who made multiple visits and played roles in our films.. Maybe others are just not good enough ..

    Darling, you need to do your homework before calling yourself a fan .. Yet you worry about your Indian Rupee given away for extreme hard work to a Pakistani..

    You clearly cannot end a war based on the so called facts you just published in your news paper..

    Live.. and let live!

    Best regards

    A Pakistani


  34. Why do people always look to target artists when something comes up between the two countries?
    It’s really sad to know that people with so much hate and ignorance exist. Fawad Khan or for that matter any artist should not be held responsible for the actions of brainwashed jihadis. The contribution Pakistani artists have made to the Bollywood industry is worth appreciation and respect.

    And to the writer of this article,posts like these spew hatred amongst people living in both the countries. So,if you’re thinking you’re helping,trust me you’re not. You’re just making the situation worse.


  35. They are actors… we must leave them… to entertain alone… rather talking rubbish…we must respect every human present either side..i jus wish our relationship improves..yes our soldiers are jus doing their duties… even if one odd ones does make a mistake.. he is def.taken cared… lets not talk ill about the departed souls..


  36. Fawad should go back to pakistan!!please show your talent in your country!And pakistan has always been involved in terrorism against India,its a known fact!!


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