Five reasons why Kangana Ranaut is a life goal

There are several reasons why one would want to have the life of Kangana Ranaut. It is because Kangana Ranaut is everything that a woman wants to be. Here are five reasons why everybody woman wants the life of Kangana Ranaut.

She is young, happening and successful : She is young and yet she is at the pinnacle of success. She maintains a level head in the face of such enormous success. Who wouldn’t want to lead her life?

She dictates herself and nobody else : Kangana listens to herself. It takes courage to chart your own path and be your own master and Kangana has shown us what it is to be like that.

She proves that English can never be a deterrent to success : When she came into the industry she didn’t know how to speak the language properly but today she is one of the best internet subjects. This is an example of grit and determination. 

She speaks her mind and she is not afraid of it : Kangana speaks or she has the courage to speak what’s on her mind. She is an example of fearlessness. We think this is one of the most important factors of her being a life goal.

She lives on her own terms : You choose on how you want to lead your life. Can you beat that? Can you feel the power of such a thing? Well that is Kangana Ranaut for you peeps!

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