Why Fawad Khan fans in India are a disappointment! 

They bombarded me with messages on Facebook and Twitter, they are writing open letters in response to my open letter to Fawad Khan. They want me to respond to every open letter they are writing to me.

Sorry, it is not possible… But I don’t want to not respond.

Hence, I decided to pick up this blog from India.




After spending precious four minutes reading it, I discovered that this is what I was looking for. I can respond to all the open letters through this one because this open letter has all the flaws of all the other open letters. This one also kind of exposes the blind fans of Fawad Khan who are abusing me and asking me to shut up.

So, let’s begin by breaking this letter down. Part by part.

Here is how the blogger started her blog, this is her opening paragraph…




So, with those capital letters, you are saying that you not only like Fawad Khan but you actually LIKE him. You are telling me that you share the same birthday with him and this is making you smile so much that your jaw hurts and your smile refuses to fade.

Even if I don’t take you literally, don’t you think you are making it clear that you are a fangirl of Fawad Khan? How will you present a valid argument if the name Fawad Khan makes you blush?

To all the Fawad Khan fans here… please don’t present your argument as fans. I might think that you are too much in love with your idol to listen to logic and reason.

Okay next.

You are comparing Fawad Khan to Sunny Leone, Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez etc.

Sorry, they don’t come from Pakistan. We are picking on the Pakistani actors. Just see how blind love makes you.

Chalo theek hai… Let’s move on…

Let’s look at your first ‘valid’ argument. This is a common point in most of the open letters. 




Yes, Fawad is a superstar in Pakistan. You say, he was earning millions of dollars in Pakistan. Then why did he travel to Mumbai to work? Because he got a better film? That’s what your argument is?

The film that he did in India first was Khoobsurat. He had no other projects in hand when he started shooting for the film. You mean to say he left plum projects in Pakistan to act in Khoobsurat because it satisfied the actor in him?

I have heard about the cliché. We travel when we find better work. Can better work mean a better pay packet in this case? Possible? Let’s leave it there.

Have you checked how much Fawad is worth after he started appearing in Bollywood films? Little research, maybe?

Moving on… Here’s your next argument.




We all know Fawad is a Pakistani. He might be gunned down if he condemns Pakistan. We are not expecting him to say anything against his own country. We are asking him to raise his voice against terrorism. His country has done it too.

We are asking him to raise his voice against the killing of our soldiers at Uri, Kashmir. We are asking him to do that because he’s living in a country which is being ravaged by terrorists.

Who’s asking him to blame Pakistan for the terror attacks? We are not asking for a lot of courage. Just a little would do.

Are you comparing Priyanka Chopra with Fawad Khan? One has come from a terrorist nation to India. The other has gone from your country to the US. What are you even trying to say?




Yes, Pakistan has reciprocated. Good for Pakistan. Perhaps they understand that Indians are not infiltrating terror into their land.

Do you know where the money of movie piracy show up?

They fund terror with that money. We are struggling to stop Indians from illegally downloading films. Pakistani government is yet to take any concrete action.

We come to your last paragraph now…




This is your Achilles Heel. Here you are saying why you have written the rebuttal in the first place.

I am an Indian and not the Pakistani army, so I choose not to hit you here.

Let’s co-exist peacefully.

To all the other fans of Fawad Khan who have written open letters to me…



I didn’t say that I want only Fawad Khan to go home. I used him as a representative for all Pakistani artistes. My frustration is not ONLY directed at him. If he is handsome or popular that doesn’t make any difference to me.

Here is the real reason why I wrote the earlier blog asking him to go back to Pakistan.

I have divided my arguments into bullet points for better understanding.

1. When you create a piece of art. It is priceless. It can only be admired. Cinema is one of the finest forms of visual art.


2. Art turns into commodity when you ask for a price. When you sell films and ask the audience to pay for it, you are trading in art. We call Bollywood “commercial cinema” because it is a commodity. Same for artistes. Import and export of artistes (or talent, as they call it) happen only when there’s such a trade.


3. If Fawad Khan comes here and acts for free, he is a true artiste. But he is trading his craft in India and making money out of it.


4. The government is trying to isolate Pakistan and stop all forms of trade with them. Bollywood hasn’t responded to the call because they are saying ‘Cinema is Art’. But they are not saying that it is one of commodities (film prints) that is frequently exported to Pakistan.


5. If a Bollywood movie becomes a hit in Pakistan, then Pakistan (and the businessmen there) also earns in millions. That is the real reason they are buying Bollywood content from us in the first place. Bollywood helps them to run their plexes. Their film entertainment business is not really doing well.

So you see, Fawad Khan and company are not soft targets. We actually hit their entrainment business if we stop import of talent and export of film content.

Will the deportation of Fawad Khan stop a war? Will creating walls between Pakistan and India when it comes to cinema solve a crisis?


But we need to hit them financially. Their economy is in shambles. Trade sanctions will spell disaster for them. A snowball effect of cumulative trade sanctions across business areas might even force them to cut down heavily on their defense budget. You never know what disaster you can inflict on them if the Indian businessmen (Bollywood producers included) come together and stop doing business with them.

And… sending Fawad Khan and company back will be a brutal slap on their faces.

Pakistan needs a few tight slaps right across their face from all of us.


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  1. You are mischief monger…..you are enemy of your generation…..You are a kind of terrorist. You know JADBATOD MUKKAS ? YES THAT IS WHAT YOU AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU DESERVES. PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE BLACK SPOT ON JOURNALISM.


  2. Banerjee….! as I advised you earlier…go to Jammu and Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir, not only one side but on both the sides of Kashmir, take a look and ask opinions. You will find the truth itself. It is too easy to use bobstic language while sitting in comfort of your nest.
    Be Brave, Be bold enough. come out of the nest. You will come to know who deserves slaps or even more than that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Still does not make any sense. Piracy should be stopped in Pakistan? No movies or entertainment should be sent to Pakistan. And best of all no CRICKET. All other sports fine. But no cricket. All pure hours and just a political decision. I don’t share your views that stopping entertainment or sports will hit them hard anyways. They will look after pirated movies which will actually eat up some revenue from the theatre collections and in turn hurt us. AND for cricket they have been playing away room home for years. Not playing in India won’t cost them much. Sad to know it’s still not a valid argument to send Fawad Khan. Just a knee jerk reaction which the author will forget and praise once ADHM releases. If you wanna hot Pakistan it’s not the common people but the political fraternity and army, bring up the Balochistan issue. Scare the hell out of them by strategically screwing the terror camps. Countries like Israel and Russia are more than willing to help in these matters.


    • And what are you planning to do with the nukes?? Planning to destroy them with your little holi spraygun? Whatever you give to a paki ultimately goes to pakistan. And yeah, you talk of pirated stuff.. Hence, the so CONCERNED CITIZEN, that would not make pak richer, unlike paying paki arists which would. And yeah, neither russia nor israel lies within the range of the nuclear arsenal of pakistan.. And a reminder, pak is a very volatile country and you don’t know whether they would do something like this or not


  4. You do not deserve to be called journalist. Journalism must be feeling pretty chagrined right now. But still, you and Indian journalists like you do this for money, that is obvious. Obviously, the Indian government is supporting your asses and encouraging you to write such blogs to meet their objective of diverting the world’s and the Asian subcontinent’s attention from a far greater issue that is the Kashmir issue.


  5. Every word in this blog & the one before is true. That you had to write an explanation to your previous blog is itself a shame. Say whatever about those bloody Porkis, at least they have unity, EVEN WHEN THEY ARE IN THE WRONG. Not like the disgusting pseudo-intellectuals in our country. They’re our real enemies.


  6. The Author of this Post is very much pissed off with Pakistani actors. If she hates them so much, then don’t let them allow to visit India. But the author must also protest against Bollywood for copying any songs of pakistan to make their movies hit.


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