Five reasons why Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor pair is stealing our hearts

We have seen so many pairs and we have written so many articles about so many uncanny pairs but we bet that this pair never struck us. We couldn’t even imagine that someone (read Karan Johar) can pair the two of them up.
Here are five reasons why we are swooning over the pair.

They look amazing together : When we saw them together in the song Bulleya, our hearts moved.


It’s the age difference between them that adds to the charm : Yes Aishwarya is older than Ranbir and there is no effort to make her look younger. Now if that is not charming then what is?

They look like a passionate couple on screen : When we saw Ranbir licking ice cream off Aishwarya’s neck, we froze on our tracks. They surely bring alive passion on screen.

It’s the social boundaries that makes this pair more viable : If you look at them then you realise that both of them dating each other is sort of a taboo in middle class societies. But hey, that adds to the mystery of the pair doesn’t it?

They of course cannot finally be with each other : They will surely not get each other and be married to each other. They can get to be with each other and yet will have to let go, is something that makes for a great story. Don’t you think so?

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