Heroes who wear specs in real life

They might be tossing away their sunglasses in style on the big screen. But these heroes cannot read without their glasses on. Though most of them have less powers in their lenses, some are actually not afraid of flaunting them in public as well.


Shah Rukh Khan : His red rimmed glasses have become a trademark and SRK owns at least 15 pairs of them. They are kept at different spots so that he never loses them. 


Hrithik Roshan : You will be lucky to spot him in his specs but yes, he has one.


Ajay Devgn : Previously he never used to take out his specs in public. But these days you will spot him a lot with his specs. 


Aamir Khan : Aamir used his specs only for reading and doesn’t need them most of the times of the day.


Salman Khan : Salman also has reading glasses and you will see him with his specs at home most of the times.

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