Why Alia Bhatt is every teenager’s crush

Aalia Bhatt is a sensation alright. She is a talent, yes. But Aalia is the dream girl of every teenager in India and we just have five solid reasons for it.

Alia is a social media sensation : Just watch her feed and you will know that Alia is rocking every platform – be it Twitter or Instagram. She is just rocking it.

She is just not bothered : She doesn’t care about what people will say about her. That nonchalant attitude is like an inspiration for everybody, like everybody wants to be like her.

Alia defines cool clothes : The clothes that she wears defines her personality. We mean how many of us wear clothes that talks about us or our personality. We all wear what others wear, isn’t it?

She is talented : Man! Just look at Udta Punjab or Highway, she will surprise you at every scene. How many in Bollywood have that kind of talent, can you tell us?

She doesn’t try too hard : The best part about Alia is that she just lets it be. She never tries hard. Whenever she does something – whether acting or walking the ramp – it just looks so effortless. If this doesn’t make her a darling of all teenagers then what else would?

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