‘It’s barbaric!’

By Somy Ali

It is simply barbaric what these so-called ‘Islamic militants’ are doing to these young girls.

In 2014, we still have to worry about ignorance under the guise of religion hindering education. Someone should inform these idiots that Prophet Muhammad was a huge proponent of education. This is not Islamic, nor is it allowed under any god or any religion. This is power and control stemming from severe lack of education.

In my opinion, these idiots want to be famous and will do anything to outdo the media attention Bin Laden received. We tend to ignore much of what goes on in Africa because our intervention should have brought these girls back safely a long time ago. They have been kidnapped for over a month and it makes me sick to my stomach wondering if they even have access to sanitary napkins, food, clothing and the basic needs one takes granted for daily.

The Nigerian girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram terrorist outfit

The Nigerian girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram terrorist outfit

What keeps me up at night is hoping and praying that they are not being sexually abused. These bandits themselves are products of poverty and abuse and we will continue to have more unless there is serious intervention within the society they come from. And, this is relevant to Pakistan, Afghanistan and anywhere else we see a birth of a terrorist.

We need to fix this from the root as it is quite obvious the alternative has not worked.

I am hoping that these girls will be back home safely and not damaged.

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