Guest Blogger: Somy Ali

Somy was born in Karachi, Pakistan on the 25th of March in 1976. She attended the Convent of Jesus and Mary School until the age of nine in Pakistan. Following that, Somy’s mother, her younger brother, and she moved to the U.S. to start a new life.

In 1992, when Somy turned 16, she moved to Mumbai, India, with an interest in modeling as well as working in Hindi, Bollywood films. During her years spent in Mumbai, India, Somy worked in ten feature films and worked on many modeling assignments.

In December of 1999, Somy moved back to the U.S. to obtain a degree in psychology. She attended the Nova Southeastern University in Florida and in two years time graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Somy worked at a local radio station doing talk-shows on social and political issues for two years while working on her bachelor’s degree, it was during this time that she became interested in journalism and decided to attend the University of Miami to obtain a master’s degree in broadcast journalism.

In February, 2003 while attending the University of Miami, Somy decided to move to New York with an interest in documentary filmmaking and attended the New York Film Academy. She graduated with a degree in film making in October of 2003. She completed three short films on Abortion, Domestic Violence, and Teenage suicide. Following that, Somy attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Florida and in 2004 obtained a degree in broadcast journalism. Somy’s first documentary, “I can Survive,” covered the plight of Pakistani rape victim, Mukhtaran Mai. The documentary aired at one of Hilary Clinton’s benefits in 2005.

Somy has been working as the founder and president of her 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization, No More Tears, with a mission to provide individualized assistance to human trafficking and domestic violence victims. No More Tears has rescued over 300 adult victims and more than 600 sexually and physically abused children since its inception in 2006. Somy takes no salary for her work with No More Tears and has used her savings of over $300,000 to rescue victims of abuse.

Somy’s mother, Tehmina Ali, is originally from Baghdad, Iraq. Somy’s father, Madan Ali, is from Karachi, Pakistan. Somy’s brother, Mohammad, lives Los Angeles, CA.


Text courtesy: The official website of Somy Ali’s organisation, No More Tears

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  1. somy ali reminds me of bill cosby.she goes around the country pretending to care about children and getting praise when in fact she helped my exwife olena pogorelova ,who is a russian scam artist falsely accuse me of molesting my daughter daughter was emotionally abused by these two ” wolves in sheeps clothing”.thank god we have a thing called a family court judge who actually looks at the evidence.after suffering two and a half years of emotional abuse at the hands of an unfit mother with somy ali,s blessing I was awarded full custody of my now bankrupt and my daughter,s financial future is in shambles not to mention the years of therapy she will have to go through because of what these two women did to her.sincerely,mike kaminski 607-725-8377 fort lauderdale,fl


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