Down But Not Out

By Karan Desai

Ram Gopal Verma 1

He would change offices faster than he would change his T-shirts and cargoes. His last one opposite Mumbai’s Millat Nagar, Andheri, in fact wears a half-dead look. No hustle, no bustle as in those busybee days of producing films at Milkha Singh-speed.

We were curious. After the non-stop disasters of Not a Love Story, Bhoot 2, Satya 2, Department and The Attacks of 26/11 has the workaholic Ram Gopal Varma, at the age of 52, left Bollywood in a hurry? Is he disenchanted with the audience rejections, the hostile reviews and the loss of market profile?

Has he returned to his hometown Hyderabad where he started off as a filmmaker 24 years ago, with Shiva? The answer to that turned out to be a yes and no. We reached him on the phone, he seemed irritated (as he always does), and said, he would be back in B-town by the June-end, this year. Right now he is completing a Telugu thriller about a serial killer, it seems. A desi version of The Silence of the Lambs? Oh oh, let’s not say that because RGV will hiss, “Serial killers are in every country.”

Poster of Ram Gopal Vermas Telugu Film

We give him the benefit of the doubt that this serial killer story will be a kickass film. Maybe he should make it as a bilingual –Telugu and Hindi. Sorry, we are just getting excited. It is none of our business to tell RGV what to do.

Another interesting thing is that the director whose Sholay remake – Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag – is ranked as one of the worst movies ever made, and he also agrees with this, has in the meantime made a Telugu hit movie called Rowdy, on the lines of The Godfather..or should we say his own Sarkar?

Got to hand it to the man. He may be the subject of much derision, especially because he suddenly went for dizzy merry-go-round camera movements, but he continues to follow his policy which is – as long as he can make the movies he wants to, he doesn’t care about what others have to say. Cool!

What we have to say is – RGV, we care for you. We still continue to re-see your amazing films, particularly Rangeela, Satya and the undervalued Raktacharitra.

Come back to Mumbai soon. All will be forgiven, by the audience, fingers and eyes crossed.

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  1. “undervalued Raktacharitra ” .. well said. Even “Not a Love Story” is not a bad movie. people scared to accept that it is a good film.


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