Dear Bollywood, please pick up the tab

rich and poor.jpgIn an earlier post, we had discussed about how the Indian news channels give free publicity to Bollywood films when they don’t have enough money to fend for themselves.

It’s a very curious trend where we are doling out favours when nobody is doing a favour to us.

Keeping in mind the downturn that the media industry is going through, I strongly advocate that when it comes to publicity, everybody should pay for it.

Mind it, Bollywood films have a huge budget for it too.

rich poor last

So, here are some simple tips to ensure that Bollywood doesn’t get away with free publicity at a time when we don’t have enough means to fend for ourselves.

1. An actor talking to a news channel before his film’s release means that he is seeking free publicity for his film. Ask the actor to get in touch with the marketing department. He can pay and get his interview done.

2. If an actor says still insists and says that he will not talk about the film (in the interview) then politely tell him that you will do the interview two weeks later. Even if he is proposing some other activity for coverage, route his request to the marketing department of your company.

3. Don’t cover an actor’s party even if it means a free VIP pass inside the actor’s house (if his film is about to release). If the actor wants the party covered he should pay and get it covered in your channel. If they still insist on sending you the invite then politely communicate that inviting you to the party doesn’t mean that you will land up with your camera crew in tow. Don’t worry, they won’t call you.

4. Don’t entertain ‘feature requests’ where you talk about a trend in Bollywood involving two forthcoming films. It’s a clever ploy to seek free publicity when there’s less opportunity.

5. Don’t cover an actor simply because he is in your town to promote his film. He should pay your company for the coverage. Instead, use your camera crew and reporters to cover local stories that require more attention.

6. Block all ‘news’ stories of an upcoming film. Let them pay for their news. If you still feel strongly about making an actor talk to your channel before his film’s release then at least don’t let him talk about the film.

7. Remember what the marketing department is legitimately collecting from Bollywood will ultimately go towards paying your salary.

rich_and_poor_cartoonIf all of us help our marketing departments then the money that will come into the company’s coffers will ultimately help all of us.

All we are doing here is not giving Bollywood films free publicity because they are quite capable of spending money for it.

Free publicity is not journalism.

Let’s help ourselves. Let’s stop doling out free favours using our company’s platform.

When we are granting free space to actors before their film’s release, we are doing a disservice to our companies.

Our companies pay us our salaries.

Bollywood is here to entertain.

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  1. Sorry but, it wont work..
    because PUBLIC are more interested in bollywood news.. so you need these stars to come and talk about their films so public actually WATCHES your channels.. public are not much interested in local news.


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