Seema Kapoor: The lost glamour girl of the seventies

Exclusive Photos by NK Sareen

Seema Kapoor; Exclusive Photo by NK Sareen

She doesn’t ‘exist’.

Like many other adult actresses and models of the seventies, Seema Kapoor has vanished into the oblivion.

A Google search on her name doesn’t return a single result. There is no digital footprint of her anywhere.

Seema Kapoor surely doesn’t exist online.

We are going to change all that today.

Here, we are going to talk of a time when she existed and captured the hearts and minds of every seventies male.

There was a time when magazines and products used pictures of her face and body, specially the Debonair magazine when the famed editor Vinod Mehta edited it.

The Debonair magazine with Seema Kapoor on the cover and featuring a write-up by Vinod Mehta on the ‘Nasbandi’ drive of Sanjay Gandhi during the Emergency period. This magazine was not banned during the emergency. Photo by NK Sareen

She was much in demand at that time and continued to be in demand through the mid-seventies before suddenly falling off the radar.

As life was during the seventies, she was quickly replaced by somebody else. However, veteran photographer NK Sareen couldn’t have forgotten her.

It is he who had shot the maximum number of photos of her and featured her on the covers of numerous magazines, both English and the regional ones. 

“I was introduced to Seema Kapoor by the editor of a film magazine. By then, she had already made a name for herself as a glamour girl. She was very fair but when I saw her for the first time, she looked like any other ordinary girl to me,” said NK Sareen.

However, Sareen thought that he would still give it a shot because as he had promised to the editor friend. That was how they were introduced to each other. The first meeting with her, as Sareen says, was a warm one.

“She received me with great smile and enthusiasm. She asked me to wait for two minutes. Quickly she came out and opened the left door of her Fiat for me and she occupied the driver’s seat, removed her shoes and started driving bare feet. As the car moved, she asked what kind of pictures I wanted to take, before I could utter a word she herself told me she would like to pose for only glamorous pictures because that was what was in demand,” NK Sareen added.

Then came the trick question according to NK Sareen

“As the car moved on, she gave me a mischievous smile, named another editor and said he says, ‘I have million dollar breasts, what do you say?’ I was not expecting such a direct question and neither did I know how to answer her,” Sareen said.

They went to Madh Island and posed for these pictures. As you can see, nobody at Debonair could say no to those pictures including Mr Vinod Mehta.

She made two Debonair covers and was later featured inside in a feature shot especially for that magazine.

She made to several magazine covers one after the other. An English weekly from Delhi was launched with her picture on the cover and second issue carried her on the cover again. Later, my pictures of her were used by several magazines in Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bengali and other regional language magazines,” Sareen added.

Seema Kapoor continued ruling the hearts of Indians for a few more years, acted in some B and C grade movies. Then she fell off the radar.

Today Sareen doesn’t know where she is and says that he has lost her number.

Maybe, Seema Kapoor, the lost glamour girl of the seventies and eighties would prefer to remain lost forever.

One of the last photos of Seema Kapoor before she vanished into oblivion

“Though she was contemporary of Zeenat and Parveen Babi,  who had a tragic death at a very young age, the two most well-known glamour girls of that era who achieved immense name fame and reached on top of their careers as dancers and actresses Seema never achieved anything as she was neither stunningly beautiful, sophisticated or well-educated like them,” Sareen signs off.

Today is the day we remember the beautiful lady and ascertain that we deserved to remember her like Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi. Here’s putting her back in course in the virtual world along with a few beautiful pictures shot by NK Sareen


(All responsibilities of this article are of the author; Bollywood Journalist claims no responsibility or approval or endorsement of the same article.)

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