What are Sunny Leone’s pet peeves?

​Sunny Leone is among the sweetest girls in Bollywood. Anybody who has interacted with her will say that she is very well-mannered, humble and always keeps her dignity when talking to people. Yet there are things that she doesn’t like. Here are some of her pet peeves. 


People who come late: Sunny hates habitual latecomers. She has expressed it quite a few times. She is always on time and hates to be kept waiting.


People who demean women: Sunny Leone hates men who try to portray themselves as somebody superior to women. One casual remark or a joke demeaning women, and you can be rest assured that Sunny Leone is out of your friend list.


Body odour: Oh! She just hates it. Be sure to put up some cologne, before you come and meet Sunny Leone.


Smelly feet: Though it is a corollary from the earlier one but we thought that we should list it because smelly feet are a problem for a lot of Indian men.

Show of wealth: You know those dudes who show off on social media that they have a lot of money? Well, Sunny is surely not on your fan-list then. ​

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