Actors who hate giving interviews and talking to journalists

There are actors who don’t fancy talking to reporters or journalists. Given a choice they would stay away from journalists and not interact with them. Yes, this is true. In the world of cinema where everybody is looking for publicity, these people don’t care even if they get it free.

Rajinikanth: He famously refused to talk to Mumbai journalists when he came to promote his film. He attended a press conference but there was a strict instruction that he doesn’t want to give one-on-one interviews. 

Arjun Rampal: He hates giving interviews because he feels that most journalists probe his personal life rather than talk about the movie or the project that he is promoting. He had even declared on Twitter that he won’t give interviews anymore.

Salman Khan: Yes he hates giving interviews. There are days when he is in a good mood and on that day he is every reporters’ dream. Salman Khan is extremely moody when it comes to interaction with journalists. 

Kajol: She hates giving interviews and usually is not in her best spirits if you don’t ask intelligent questions. Kajol rarely agrees for a one-on-one interview and only talks to the best journalists once in a while. 

Tabu: She is usually not available for interviews. Though a lot has changed but Tabu still remains elusive for some journalists. ​

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