Bollywood actors who have their own Apps

​Apps are the new way to connect to your fans. Ask the stars, many of whom have got their own apps to connect with people who love them. Here are the top apps of Bollywood stars which you should download… like right now!

Akshay Kumar: He has his app from which you can send money to a slain Jawan’s family. You can choose from the list and directly send the money into the account of the Jawan who died for this country.

Disha Patani: The latest actress to join the list. She interacts with her fans personally through the app.

Sonam Kapoor: If you want to be a style diva like Sonam Kapoor then you should be downloading her app. It features everything from style tips to diet to workout habits that you should follow. And all that directly from Sonam Kapoor.

Sunny Leone: One of the most popular apps. She uses this app to directly interact with her fans personally. She also uses this app to market products that feature her.

Kajal Aggarwal: Though the app is yet to become intensely popular like the others in the list but all the die-hard fans of Kajal are already ​there and interacting with her directly. The app is very popular among the south Indian target group. 

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