Why stars shun social networking sites

Salman’s Khan’s tirade against his fans on twitter for putting down his friends Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan has been making news. While most stars have taken to twitter to vent out their anger or feelings we still have few stars who refuse to join the social networking site. Recently Vidya Balan had decided to join the twitter but chickened out  at the last minute and  never made the initiative to join twitter. However there are a few stars who are not ready to be seen or heard on these social platforms. We talk to a few Celebs who shun these social networking sites. Here’s what they had to say.

Katrina Kaif: I don’t want to be on any social networking sites for many reasons. It can be with general questions or the other reason is the comments that you get at the bottom. I could get into an argument. I can’t say thank you for that so I rather be away from it.  I like Instagram where you can upload pictures. From a visual perspective I want to do that because they have great pictures.

Ranbir Kapoor: When I was young I was curious about stars and wanted to know about their personal life. What they did, where they went, what food they ate. Now everyone has become a journalist with Twitter and Facebook. One I put something on these site I can’t delete that. I am a public property but I am not larger than life.  There are  super stars like Amitabh Bachchan, who is here for 40 years and Shah Rukh Khan, Salman khan, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar who have made a place for themselves. I have done just few films. Let my work talk for me.

Vidya Balan: I am not tech savy at all. I hate sending messages. I rather talk to a person than send messages.  Also I don’t want to read anything about me and keep clarifying about it later. I rather read good books and  spend time with my family. I don’t know what to post  everyday or what opinions I can give. I don’t think you have to voice your opinion. I will feel bored. Hence I decided not to join.

Imran Khan: I am not on any social networking sites. I feel there’s nothing to talk about once a film releases. I rather let my work speak for me.  I interact with my friends and media when my film releases. Otherwise I am not interested in telling people that I am going to the loo or that I am sleeping. I don’t want to talk about my personal life.

Saif Ali Khan: I am not on twitter.  It’s a social platform where people can voice their opinion but then it’s a liberal world.  I don’t think it’s something that interests me. It’s a tremendous platform and has many advantages and you have many followers and can say cool things to keep them entertained but sometimes I say stupid things and fall into trouble. My mom says I can’t have more than five friends.

Kangna Ranaut: I don’t have time to talk to people around me or who stay with me. So communicating with strangers is something I can’t think of. I don’t want people to peep into my personal life.  People tweet something or the other and are always under constant pressure to find something new to write about.  It’s sad maybe they have no one to talk to and they are lonely. 

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