Do you need journalism experience to file blogs with us? Hell, NO!

We have received a lot of entries from peeps around us and many more have refrained from contacting us because they feel that they don’t have reporting/journalistic experience to file blogs with us.

Of course not!

All you need is a keen eye and the ability to use Google properly to file blogs with us. While Bollywood Journalists will always have an edge over others because they will file copies from their experiences and they might posses information that nobody might have about the Bollywood stars, but that doesn’t put all the others out of the race. 

Here are stories/blogs that you can file with us even if you are not a journalist. And these kind of writings are very high in demand as well. 

  1. Opinion pieces: These pieces are just carry your opinion. However they should be well written, properly researched and worded. HERE is an example.
  2. Feature pieces: Feature pieces ensure that the facts available on an actor or a film are beautifully combined in an article. HERE is an example and you surely need not be a journalist to compile this list.
  3. Listicles: These are usually the Top Five and Top 10 lists. These lists are in high demand because you need to click from one slide to the other and once an user has finished reading the whole piece, you (as a writer) have generated 10 clicks for the website. You just need to know how to surf news-sites and social media posts to make those lists. HERE and HERE are examples.  
  4. Analysis: Analysis pieces are in demand because you have to put in some amount of research for writing these articles and it is the typical long-form unique content that is rewarded highly by Google. Here is a long-form analysis written by a non-journalists recently. But notice how beautifully he has done it HERE.
  5. Niche Articles: Suppose you don’t write on Bollywood but you love writing on topics such as Food, Travel, Fashion or say… Music. Then are you not a fit to write articles for us. Of course, you can. All you need to do is to link it to Bollywood. HERE is an example of how a food article can be written with a touch of Bollywood. So, you can follow the same principle and create your own articles for Bollywood Journalist.

Just remember this….

  • We are not accepting film/trailer/music reviews because social media has killed the genre. Most of the reviews that appear from some prominent reviewers are either paid or infleiunced. By the time a film releases, social media is filled with bit-sized of the film/music/trailer. Hence the demand for such writing have fallen rapidly and nobody wants to pay for it. 

So, you don’t need to be a journalist to write for Bollywood Journalist.

This is how it works. These are the steps.

  1. Send us your profile and a few links of the articles you haver already written.
  2. We will confirm if you meet our requirements.
  3. If you are onboard, then please feel free to send your ideas.
  4. Once the ideas are in place, we will approach different websites.
  5. Once a websites asks for your piece, we will negotiate a price.
  6. Once the price is accepted, we will tell you our fees (usually 10% to 20%)
  7. You send the article to us. We will edit and package the article.
  8. We send the article to the website.
  9. Once the website publishes your article, we send your payment to you in 10 working days. It doesn’t matter when the website will pay us.
  10. Send us more ideas and then complete the article within the deadline. 


What are you waiting for? Send the links of your published (only online) writing samples to and we will get back to you.  

Here are more details about why we are asking you to write for us.

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