Shah Rukh Khan’s diet cheats

When you have to maintain a physique, you’ve got to maintain a diet. There are certain cheats that Shah Rukh follows. As you know, your diet primarily decides what kind of body you will have.
Here are five cheats that Shah Rukh Khan follows. We got this from sources who are close to him. 

There is no cheat day: Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t have a cheat day where he gorges on food. So burgers, colas are out from his diet forever. He has just conditioned himself that these are not on his plate on any day.

He has developed a taste for boiled or chargrilled chicken and fish: Shah Rukh has loved chicken since he was a child. These days he has developed a liking for grilled fish too.

He eats only one plate of food: Shah Rukh only eats one plate of food of whatever it is. He doesn’t take a second helping. 

He loves his coffee: Shah Rukh will be found sipping coffee most of the time. It is known to kill your snacking tendencies between meals.

He sticks to raw and sauteed veggies: He tries to stick to raw veggies these days. During lunch there will always be vegetables which are raw or sauteed in one corner of his plate. 

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