By Koral Dasgupta

Koral Dasgupta

Koral Dasgupta

Rape is such a menace that it always leaves you with a guilt. Guilt for not being able to support when it was needed most. Guilt for letting a system sustain. Guilt for knowing, yet remaining casual till it knocked the doors of our own cozy homes! It is difficult to stay unaffected every time the crime is reported. Even strangers shed tears helplessly.

And there’s no full-proof way of depicting rape. As much as you try, some insensitivity will still be left behind. It will make you feel devastated.

I have read quite some articles pointing out the unfair screenplay of rape in Kaabil. I want to ask the world, would you know of a better way? How would be that perfect way to depict rape? What would be those perfect words to say during or after rape? Which dialogue, coming out of a loving husband who feels defeated because he couldn’t take care of his wife, would please hand-clapping, coin-throwing public?

The word, rape, leaves you cringing with rage at the violence inflicted upon innocence. And that’s what team Kaabil has brilliantly achieved.

The film tells its audience to fight back, whatever be your incapacity or disability. Rise above your weakness. Of course this comes packaged in a revenge drama, employing the skills that Hrithik Roshan brings to the table. And brings it with panache.

Since another high-profile film has released on the same date, a cross-talk comes naturally.


Has anyone noticed how Raees has its criticisms mostly in private blogs and not in any of the mainstream websites/blog-spaces? I loved Raees. My husband didn’t.

We got to know about this practice when my husband wrote a criticism and tried to approach some of the well-known, all-opinions-welcome websites. They never said no to the written piece; neither did they publish. They silently tried to kill time, so that it would get outdated.

“Rape” isn’t just physical, and “The Mind Watches All”.

My article titled Other Side of The Story – Raees, on the other hand, had travelled pretty well. Thanks readers. But the story doesn’t end there. There is still another side of that story as well. Desperation and addiction of being at the top is one such malice that can rip apart all goodness and embrace the dirty!

Kaabil, an excellent film that espouses cause and content, had earlier declared the Republic Day weekend as their release date. Raees suddenly forced itself there since it didn’t want to get into the way of Sultan or Dangal.

Kaabil seemed to be a softer target. The two films released with a clear 60:40 sharing between screens. And of course, Kaabil had to take the brunt. Raees marched ahead with lots of big names associated with it.

Hrithik Roshan has remained graceful, not encouraging any tweet from his fans demeaning Raees or Shah Rukh Khan. Do good work and leave the rest, he says. On the other hand, some SRK Fan Clubs are openly saying nasty stuff about Kaabil and its makers. No official response from Raees team.

Few days ago, Shah Rukh Khan has given a statement when asked for his reaction on Rakesh Roshan calling quits to Bollywood in protest. He said, there’s a huge difference between personal and professional life; aaj agar mera baap zinda hote to mai unki baat kara deta Rakesh Sir se!

Oh come on. Why drag the father into this, who is no more? There is nothing personal or emotional about it. In business or “dhanda” language, this is called Unfair Trade Practices. Oops! I so much forgot. “Koi dhanda chota nahi hota, aur dhande se bada koi dharm nahi hota.” True that.

Sadly, Raees makers Baniye ka dimaag to dikhaa gaye, Miyabhai ki daring pe maar kha gaye!


P.S. Many have asked me, how come I don’t mince words while criticizing Shah Rukh Khan at times. I have been called a “Fan of good times” and hurled many cuss-words by aggressive fan-clubs. I am a fan, not a slave. And you don’t need to be a visionary to understand and condemn pure lack of ethics.



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