Five Bollywoodians with an amazing sense of social media humour

There is sense of humour and then there is social media humour. You might have a sense of humour but to put up clever tweets and Facebook status messages requires a different kind of humour. Here’s our pick of the best Bollywood celebs with social media humour. 

Salman Khan : Salman has a quirky sense of humour. Who can forget his tweet about a chappal and say, “yeh lo”.

Riteish Deshmukh : This man makes you laugh on social media in his own way. And yes, his videos are funny too.

Abhishek Bachchan : The junior Bachchan has an amazing sense of humour, specially when he is taking on the trolls.

Uday Chopra : Well this is close because Uday Chopra’s funny tweets are kind of world famous in India.

Twinkle Khanna : Here comes the queen. She has proven herself to be the wittiest person in the whole of Bollywood land. Don’t believe us, just check her social media profiles. 

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