One-on-One with Soha Ali Khan: ‘Money has never motivated me’

Soha Ali Khan has not been doing many appearances lately. Her last venture was Sunny Deol’s Ghayal Once Again. That’s how Soha has always been. She is not enamored by the glamour that comes along with being an actress.

How has the journey been so far?

I am very content. I love my life and it’s been wonderful. It’s not just about the glamour, the money, the exposure but it’s (a career in acting) also great fun. You are also well looked after (by the film industry). Everybody in my gym wants to be an actor and  I understand why. On the whole I am content  with life, I am not ambitious.

What’s the definition of success for you?

Success has different definitions for everyone. For me success is happiness. Sleeping well at night is success. In our industry things are always out of your control there’s no point getting stressed. Films will be completed or not completed. Will it release or not, it does not matter. As long as you are enjoying the job you are doing, you should carry on. That’s my philosophy.

You have never aimed for the number one position…

The number games have never interested me. I was always

a good student and I went to Oxford. I did good work and got a good job in City Bank. I still left the job because I was not enjoying it.  Money is important but your satisfaction is more important. I don’t say no to a film  just because of money. My mother always says that, ‘quote a certain amount and then you negotiate’, but if I like a film I can’t bargain.

How do you keep yourself busy?

I am open  to exploring short series or television or short films.  I am doing television as a host.  I am currently doing the Great Indian Homemaker show where I play myself.  They do 120 episodes but I can’t give so much time. Besides you are wearing the same costume and living the same journey for months. It’s emotionally exhausting.

Tell us about 31st October your upcoming film?

I am playing a Sardarni and we shot in Ludhiana in one go. It’s not a dialogue driven film. It is about the riots and arson that took place in 1984. We had family friends who suffered in 1984 riots.

How have things changed after marriage?

Kunal and I knew each other very well. There was nothing surprising and we lived together for two years before marriage. Nohing new. I feel weird when

I see

the Mrs. on boarding passes. We are so casual and free about our marriage. Nothing has changed.

Do you have disagreements and who is the first one to say sorry?

You have to respect each other.  When I am stressed out I play badminton or do yoga. Kunal goes to the gym to vent out his anger.  Our fights generally end with Kunal saying sorry  first.  I usually don’t argue. If I feel it’s wrong I argue and it’s difficult to argue with me. He will explode and then he has to say sorry (smiles).

How is your relationship with Kareena?

Kareena is fun and she compliments bhai. I think they make a great couple and I am happy for them. She knows a lot about everyone in the industry. She has lots of gossip. She and Karan Johar share a lot of gossip (laughs). She is becoming a mother for the first time and I am very happy for her. She is looking great, healthy and taking care and she is happy. I am excited for her.

Have you learnt to cook?

I still have not managed but  Kunal loves cooking. He says, ‘At least make the menu’.

We heard that Saif’s daughter Sara is all set to debut and what about Ibrahim?

Ibrahim is still 15. Sara has graduated from Columbia. There’s a talk going on if she will join films. She has grown up and they talk about everything. So, we will have to wait for Sara to take her own decisions.

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