Why everybody loves Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan is perhaps the most popular name today in India and Pakistan taken together. There are reasons behind the meteoric rise of Fawad Khan in both the countries. Here are our top five reasons why everybody seems to have lost their hearts for Fawad Khan.

A thorough gentleman : There is hardly anybody else who is more gentlemanly than Fawad Khan. Everybody who has interacted with him admit that Fawad Khan is a thorough gentleman. This is one of the reasons why most people love to interact with him.  

An actor par excellence : As Karan Johar recently said, “Fawad Khan speaks volumes with his eyes.” He is easily one of the best actors in recent times.

A common love between two warring nations : Fawad Khan has come up as a common object of love between Indian and Pakistan who otherwise have locked horns with each other on several political and security related issues. Most people in the two countries disagree about a lot of things but they don’t disagree that they love Fawad Khan equally.

A youth icon : With his large fan following, Fawad has become an icon among the youth of both the nations. He is fast emerging as a superstar in India.

An ambassador of peace : Fawad is an ambassador of peace for both the countries. It is Fawad Khan who is teaching us that art has no borders and that artistes should freely move between countries. He is an impetus towards peace in difficult times.

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