Let’s clear the decks for the release of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. PLEASE!

Something is not quite right here.

We are taking this issue of banning Pakistani actors to a level where it has started to hurt us, Indians.

By no stretch of logic and reason, we can punish Indians for the mistakes of the Pakistani government and its sister terror organisations, it so lovingly nurtures in its territory.

What is the logic for creating blockades for an Indian film, directed by an Indian, produced by an Indian company, featuring Indian actors, just because there’s one Pakistani in it?

The Pakistani actor – who is at the epicentre of this controversy – doesn’t get affected by all of these. In fact, he sitting happily in Lahore lecturing the whole world about world peace, creating a better place for children and all that jazz.  But just because he was provided employment in an Indian film, we cannot go about banning the film itself!

That’s ridiculous. 


The actors above are Indians and they shouldn’t suffer because of Fawad Khan’s political stance

Let’s face some facts.

The cast and crew of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil are Indian and they have really worked hard on the film. Crores of Indian rupees have been spent for its production and promotion. If the film earns money, the Indian government earns money too.

Also, Karan Johar roped in Fawad Khan when there were no tensions with our neighbouring country. It’s unfortunate that the situation at our borders suddenly flared up after the film was ready for release.

It will be gross injustice to Karan Johar and his team if we create any kind of blockade for the film’s release.  Even Pakistan has officially banned Indian films as a counter measure. If we create hurdles for the film, aren’t we doing what they want us to do? 

By creating a rocky road for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, we are moving away from the core issue that Pakistani artistes employed in India should condemn the killings of our jawans.

None of the Pakistani superstars have condemned the Uri or the Pathankot attacks so far and it is unlikely that they would do so in the near future. We have also retaliated by banning them from working here.

So far so fair.

But…. When did we reach a point where we decided to hurt Indians for the fault of Pakistani actors? 

Here’s an appeal to everybody concerned. Let’s help Ae Dil Hai Mushkil because it is a product of India. Let’s help Ae Dil Hai Mushkil because it is our film.

Let’s reject Pakistani actors but give more support to Indians who are suffering because of them.  Karan Johar has suffered enough already. We should go all out and support him because we need to make sure that he doesn’t suffer anymore because of one Fawad Khan.

Fawad Khan can stay where he is staying unless he figures out where his heart is. But till then, let’s stand by what is ours. Let’s stand by our own people.

Let’s clear the decks for a smooth release of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. 


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  1. But if we keep feeling sorry for cine business men, who will feel for soldiers. Does soldier has personal enemity with terrorist? Why should they die protecting us and we do our business as usual? Art may have no boundaries but our hearts have. Whats so great about art? Do you think there is no Indian talent? fawad pays tax not to India but to pak which buys arms to fight india. Last but not the least, karan Johar should have condemned Uri attack and be apolegetic in his approach, he would have been spared. Instead someone like you on his behalf will do more harm to sentiments.


  2. No. No. No. Just NO. Think about this objectively for a bit- a message has to be sent. The-too-many-Indians-to-ban card might be used as a getaway for every stupid movie our Porki-inclined-filmmakers might make in the future with Paki actors. Let’s just ban this one movie instead & save the hard work of hundreds of our people in the future, by making our stupid filmmakers learn a lesson. They sure WON’T if this one goes unscathed.


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