Bollywood heroes with the best bodies

We decided to make this totally brawn. So we did a brief survey to find the hero who has the best body in Bollywood and this is the list that we came up with. We didn’t ask who’s the healthiest, our question in the survey was who’s body looks the best.

5. Ranveer Singh : He should have scored better but we surely cannot take our eyes off his fabulous ab muscles.

4. Hrithik Roshan : He surely has the best biceps along with the abs and maintains his muscles fabulously.

3. John Abraham : When it comes to the muscle department, this man has been in the top five as long as we remember.

2. Varun Dhawan : He is a surprise entry in our list. Since he got so many votes from our readers, he surely is a hot favourite among his fans when it comes to muscles and brawn.

1. Salman Khan : I guess when Salman Khan gets into any competition, he is going to win it. Salman has the best body according to our survey and we are sure that you agree with the results. 

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