Ten reasons why Bollywood needs to make peace with Pakistan

We need to ensure that Bollywood maintains and strengthens it’s ties with Pakistan. Here are ten reasons why… 


A large market : Pakistan is a very large market. Basically if you have access to that many viewers, you really cannot shut your eyes to it. 


Pool house of talent : Pakistani music industry is one of the best in the world. They have actors who can compete with the best of talents in India. 


A welcoming country : Pakistan has always been very welcoming towards Bollywood artistes and technicians. 


Mad about Bollywood : The Pakistani junta is mad about Bollywood. They watch every Bollywood movie keenly. 


Free cultural exchange : we should promote a free cultural exchanged sans all the political rhetoric.


A good reason to produce world class content : With India ‎and Pakistan joining hands and exchanging talent, we will have more world class cinema emanating from Bollywood.


Promotes brotherhood : Films are a very powerful tool that fosters friendliness among two nations. There couldn’t have been a better time for it than now.


Good revenue source : Bollywood earns millions of dollars out of the Pakistani market.


Fawad Khan : Only Fawad Khan is a good reason for maintaining a great relationship between Indian and Pakistani film industries. All women in India want to see Fawad Khan on screen. 


Only area of massive business cooperation :  This is the only area of business which can become an example to the rest of the world on cooperation. Hence we should all go for it. 

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