Bollywood heroes who dropped out of college

These heroes were great students and perhaps were their professors favourites but ultimately they dropped out of their colleges because they couldn’t keep up with the pressure of having two careers when one of them is in the glamour industry.

Tiger Shroff : Tiger was known to be a good kid in his school. After his 12th standard, he did enroll in a college but he never carried it through because he wanted to make it big in the movies. 

Akshay Kumar : Akshay Kumar was a good student too but he never finished college because he had pressure to work and earn from a very early age.

Aamir Khan : He has a rough schooling and even though he decided for an admission into college, he later opted against it. 

Salman Khan : Salman was a good student in sports and average student in class but he later dropped out of college. 

Ranbir Kapoor : Ranbir has been candid enough to say that he never enjoyed schooling and when it was time to go to college, he took a decision against it. 

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