Five reasons why Raveena Tandon is the crush of a generation

Ever wondered why Raveena Tandon’s name was used in the song “Kar Gayee Chul”  in the film Kapoor and Sons? It is because Raveena Tandon was the teenage crush of an entire generation of boys who have now become young professionals. Name Raveena Tandon and you are sure to get a grin from them. Here’s why Raveena Tandon is a legend when it comes to teenage crushes. 

Raveena used to ooze oomph : During the nineties when most heroines tried hard to show oomph on the screen, Raveena Tandon used to make it happen effortlessly. She had a rare combination of oomph and glamour. 

She was like a breadth of fresh air : In the midst of experienced actresses like Madhuri and Sridevi, she was like a breadth of fresh air. Raveena Tandon instantly booked all the teenage hearts when she made her debut with Salman Khan in 1991. 

She could dance like a diva : Nobody danced like Raveena Tandon. Everybody just danced. But when Raveena danced at the peak of her career she moved hearts, if you know what we mean.

She had a great sense of style : Raveena Tandon carried her clothes beautifully. Never mind what you made her wear, she always managed to look like a goddess on screen. 

Then there was Tip, Tip barsa pani : There are all other rain songs of Bollywood and then there’s that song of Mohra. The song is like a legend. If you don’t know what we mean, just go and watch the song again. One cannot describe how much oomph she brought to the song or may be how she made an entire generation swoon at her.

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