Is the movie worth your buck?

Why ‘Internet Affair’ is disturbing on so many levels


I just saw this award-winning short film and it unsettled me. It disturbed me on many levels. 

I have seen a similar incident happen with my ex-colleague about five years back, so I know that these incidents can turn your life upside down. Let me tell you that story. 

This happened with my former colleague when she was working with a leading IT service company. There she had this friend from the engineering department.

Let’s call my ex-colleague, Ms A and the IT engineer, Mr B.

“Mr B was short, overweight and dark. The sorts nobody would date,” according to Ms A. But surprisingly, Mr B became friends with Ms A, who is really attractive, confident and smart.

It began with casual conversations during lunch at the office canteen. They soon became good friends and started sharing their lunch boxes. It was at this juncture that Mr B started opening up to A.

His stories were full of self-pity and all along he rued that he will have to die a virgin because no girl would ever sleep with him. Contrary to what you think, Mr B was not making up a story. He really never had a girlfriend and it was true that he never touched a girl sexually in 28 years. Yes, life was too bad for him when it came to sex. It was his life’s mission to sleep with a beautiful girl at least once in his lifetime. 

My friend, Ms A took pity on him and said she can sleep with him. But only once.

Ms A later told me that she was kicked about the idea that she will be the woman of dreams for this ‘ugly’ man. She was also convinced that this ‘ugly’ man would remain grateful to her for fulfilling his one true life mission.

They decided to have sex at Mr B’s small apartment the next Sunday.

Mr B was so excited that he took leave from office the next day. The following Sunday, when Ms A arrived at his apartment, Mr B greeted her at the door with an expensive gift. The tiny flat was tastefully decorated and there were scented candles in the bedroom. Expensive wine had been ordered too.

My friend was supposed to go to a party and wanted to speed things up a bit because she wanted to leave in an hour or so.

So, she asked the guy to kiss her (to start things off because she told me later that the conversations were ‘really getting boring’).

It was the beginning of a downfall.

Mr B was so anxious that he couldn’t perform. They took off their clothes and kissed but then it went all downhill from there.

My friend assured him that it is normal and there’s nothing to bother. As planned, she left the place in an hour and joined her friends at the pub, a couple of kilometres away.

But then, Mr B’s ego was hurt badly.

For the next few days, he didn’t come to office. When he finally came a few weeks later, my friend reached out to him and said that there’s nothing to worry about. Mr B asked my friend if he can sleep with her again.

Ms A reminded him that it was meant to be a one-time thingy and she’s not interested anymore.

This was the start of an ordeal which went on for three years.

Mr B became obsessed with her and started stalking her, both online and offline.

That he had seen her naked, gave him some kind of a strange confidence which he otherwise lacked. He accused her of “using” him and screamed at her at the office canteen a few days later. My friend was forced to leave her job but then the harassment intensified. 

He would land up at her door and would sit outside her housing society for hours. He would send her text messages all through the day asking her to meet him.

This was the time, I got involved. We went to the police. The police registered a case and Mr B’s family was informed. B’s family came down from Tamil Nadu and took him back to his village. I saw Mr B at the police station. He was not behaving normally and was talking incoherently. He had given up his job and was living in a chawl.

I saw Internet Affair and this memory came rushing back. I could see a strange similarity with the protagonist and Mr B. They even look the same!

Please watch the film when it releases online. It will disturb you too.

Here’s the trailer of the film.

By the way, Mr B never ventured out of his village again.

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  1. By no means is stalking a nice thing to do and what happened to her was truly terrible. But why would any woman have sex (only once) with a man out of pity ? She sounds very superior about him , surely looks are not everything in a relationship? Didn’t she even once stop to consider that an insecure man won’t be happy with it happening only once?


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