‎The richest stars of Bollywood

We dived into the internet and scouted through scores of articles to find out how much does it take to hire stars in Bollywood.
Though the earnings of Bollywood stars aren’t exactly discussed in Bollywood but we compiled a list based on news reports which have done up recently. So here is the list we have compiled based on numerous reports. 

5. Hrithik Roshan : His market demand was rocking before the release of Mohenjo Daro but Hrithik continues to command one of the highest prices in Bollywood. 

4. Akshay Kumar : He is now known as the most bankable actor, thanks to the spate of hits he gave recently. Everybody now wants to work with him which has boosted his market value in Bollywood.

3. Amitabh Bachchan : He is a legend and getting Amitabh Bachchan in a film still ensures a great return. Hence he continues to be one of the most expensive actors in Bollywood. 

2. Salman Khan : Salman is the biggest superstars in Bollywood today but he doesn’t really invest his time into anything else much and as a result his professional arch rival has got the numero uno spot. 

1. Shah Rukh Khan : With his numerous business interests and scores of advertising deals, Shah Rukh Khan continues to be the most expensive Bollywood star and obviously the richest as well. He is actually giving the Hollywood superstars a run for their money. 

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