Heroines who are foodies

It is a myth that Bollywood heroines starve themselves to look the way they look on screen. Actually, some of the heroines are extremely fond of food. What they regulate are the portions. Here is a list of actresses who are extremely fond of their food and love it, at times, in generous proportions.

Deepika Padukone : She is too fond of her butter idlies and one might see her gorging on them when she is at home.

Parineeti Chopra : She loves her desserts and even though she has got a killer body, she still continues to be a foodie.

Anushka Sharma : She is one of the luckiest heroines around because whatever she eats, she never puts on weight.

Katrina Kaif : She loves her Italian menu and she can’t let go off it for long periods.

Priyanka Chopra : Perhaps the biggest foodie in the list. She loves junk food and coffee. Hotdogs seem to be her current favourites.

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