Which colour is your Bollywood hero

What if we try to associate a colour with a Bollywood hero? What colour comes to your mind when we think about a hero?
I am sure you haven’t yet thought of this game but we thought we should play this game with you since it’s something that is so close to our heart. We have our favourite colours the way we have love our heroes. So which hero represents which colour? Let’s begin….

Shah Rukh Khan : We would associate the colour pink with Shah Rukh Khan. It is because the reason is obvious. Pink is the favourite color of most women and Shah Rukh is undeniably a ladies man. So pink it’s for SRK.

Salman Khan : The choice we guess is unanimous. Salman Khan definitely deserves the colour red. It is the colour of love and it is the colour of intensity. Let’s colour Salman Khan red.

Aamir Khan : Well he is neutral. He blends effortlessly in any role and after two decades in Bollywood, Aamir Khan doesn’t have an image. So we would take all the colors out and the result is white. Let’s have him in white. 

Akshay Kumar : He has always been known as the dark horse in Bollywood. He has played dark roles as well as a knight on shining armour. Let’s give him the colour black.

Hrithik Roshan : We want to give him the colour indigo. It is because indigo is associated with a relaxed state and it goes well with Hrithik who keeps his calm no matter how stressful the situation is. 

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